Blind Watch

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Blind Watch
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Gameplay overview
"Yes. It may be starting again. Not saying it is, but we need to keep an eye on any who would seek to retrace Yor’s path."
"Agreed. But Orsa and his friends seem to have contained what Yor could not."
"A dangerous assumption. The Thorn’s pestilence is becoming commonplace.
Ikora Rey and Lord Shaxx[1]

The Blind Watch is a Crucible map located on Meridian Bay, Mars.[2][3] It is also the site of where Warlock subclass Quest A Storm in the Shadow takes place.[4]


The site appears to be a water processing and decomposition facility, converting water into H2 and O2 reactants as indicated on interior piping. It is also possible that the plant was a coastal installation at one point, along the edge of Freehold on Meridian Bay, as the partially buried remains of what may have been a bridge or pipeline can be seen running from the base of the tower out across the sand dunes to a large plant. The presence of many large ducted wind turbines also supports the notion of a strong prevailing wind, typical of sea breezes near coasts as turbine ducts would improve power generation efficiency, which may have been necessary depending on Mars' atmospheric density. [5]

Grimoire description[edit]

"Dry as the bones you'll break."
— Grimoire blurb

LOCATION: Meridian Bay, Mars

The Blind Watch was once a clandestine Guardian outpost on the outskirts of Freehold, used to monitor Cabal activity in and around the Buried City. After the Cabal consolidated their forces nearer their fortified Exclusion Zone, the site was reclaimed by the Crucible as a combat training ground.

Resting atop an old Clovis Bray science facility, the Blind Watch allows Guardians to acclimate to the harsh Martian environment, while maintaining a combat ready presence should the Cabal ever begin to mobilize.



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