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Pvp black-shield.jpg
"The Cabal are gonna regret giving this place up."
"They didn't."
"Clearly they did."
"The Cabal don’t even have a word for “retreat.” They didn’t run; they’ve moved onto strategic targets."
"What targets?"
"You haven’t seen the Martian battlefields."
"You will. Tell the Vanguard. Black Shield is live-fire ready.
—Unknown Titan and Hunter[1]

Black Shield is a Crucible map located in Firebase Thuria, Phobos.

Grimoire Description

"The Cabal are too structured, too disciplined. Let's show 'em what fun looks like."
—Grimoire card

Codenamed "Black Shield," this decommissioned Firebase is believed to have been a key position used by the Cabal as they established their warbase on the surface of Mars. With the majority of their forces stationed planet side, Guardians have been able to claim Black Shield as a competitive training ground.

Both Shaxx and Commander Zavala have questioned the Cabal's strategy, believing that forfeiting such a strategic position may one day leave the Cabal, and Mars, open to a proper offensive.[2]




  • Occasionally a Harvester will spawn just outside the map. It cannot be affected by Guardians nor will it shoot at them.
  • Four Cabal warships can be seen in the skybox.

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