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Grimoire Pantheon.jpg
Map overview


The Dark Below expansion



Gameplay overview
"We’re the backup plan if the Vex decide to start growing more trouble in the Garden."
"Any given match there’s twelve of us, tops."
"The Vex recommit to gardening Darkness, who says we’ve got enough guns to stop ‘em?"
"Stop ‘em? Pretty sure our deaths are just meant to be the early warning system."
Titan and Hunter[1]

Pantheon is a Crucible map located in the Black Garden on Mars,[2] released as part of The Dark Below.[3]

Grimoire Description[edit]

"Take not for granted what you cannot see. What it is was not always, and may not ever be."
— Grimoire blurb

LOCATION: Black Garden, Mars

Deep in the endless channels of Black Garden, an ancient Vex temple sits high on a plateau, buzzing with anomalous messages.

Fearing that the Minds which live within seek to return, the Crucible has set up shop here to master the ins and outs of Vex-controlled landscapes and keep watch should any Vex find a way back.


This map is small with tight, high tunnels and multiple pathways to various areas of the map. Perfect for game-modes like Salvage and Clash.



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