Twilight Gap (Crucible)

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This article is about the Crucible map. For the historical event, see Battle of the Twilight Gap. For the location, see Twilight Gap.
Twilight Gap
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"He's going to use these frames to take the arenas? They just came online."
"It's Shaxx. They'll work out."
"Yeah. Or they might explode. Shaxx knows it's a fifty-fifty with frames, right?"
"Except Arcite. He's been here since they built the Walls. And the frames can hear you."
"I know. Creepy. Especially when they parrot people."
"If they all parrot Shaxx, they might pull this off."
"Don't even joke about that.
— Two Unknown Technicians.

The Twilight Gap is a Crucible map located in an abandoned military base on Earth.[1] It is located on the outskirts of the Last City, and can be seen from the Overwatch District. In some way, it represents much of humanity's history. The Cabal first made their presence known here.[2][3]


The Gap was the site of a battle in which thousands of Guardians fell.[4]

The Guardian explored the base twice during their battles for the Last City. First during the Taken War, at the behest of the Future War Cult, while it was shrouded in the Taken King's darkness, to recover a timelost bracelet belonging to Ana Bray. Years later, they would explore it again on behalf of Saint-14, to recover the pieces of destroyed Redjacks, with which they forged the Devil's Ruin Exotic Sidearm.

Grimoire description[edit]

"Here we fight, for the memory of those who stood. Here we die, for the glory of the Light that never fades."
— Grimoire blurb.

Named for the City's greatest battle, this defensive battery once held the front line against the combined might of the Fallen Houses. Overrun during the course of the invasion, many Guardians lost their lives to hold the line.

That the Crucible now claims this hallowed ground is seen as a privilege - a rite of passage, as new generations of Guardians stand and fight where the brave fell, heroes rose, and legends were born.


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