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Grimoire Rumble.jpg
"Watch your back, Guardian. No one else will."
Lord Shaxx.

Rumble is a Crucible match type.


Rumble is a 6 player free-for-all Crucible mode. Points are gained through scoring kills against enemy players. A standard kill grants a player 100 points, but certain types of kills grant bonus points (e.g. headshots). Level advantages are disabled in this mode. Whoever has the most points at the end wins, earning the "Alone at The Top" medal. Earning more points than all other players combined earns the player a "Sum of All Tears" medal.


Unlike other gametypes, the player is alone requiring a very different form of play. Smaller maps are featured in the playlist, so player density is typically high, meaning engagements will occur often between the six players. The best path to success to to lock down one area and control it, a place with both Special and Heavy Ammo crates is suggested. These areas are high-medium traffic, and players will often come to you, giving you an advantage to prepare for their approach. Heavy Ammo is the most important it's ever been on this gametype, and saving your Super in order to properly secure it is almost a requirement.

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