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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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"The Festival of the Lost has arrived! Wear masks, collect candy, and laugh in the face of death. Visit Eva Levante and Tess Everis in the Tower to join the celebration."
— Event description
The Festival of the Lost, as celebrated in the Tower

The Festival of the Lost was a limited time event held in the Tower each year in Destiny 1, coinciding with Halloween.

The event returns in Destiny 2 with Amanda Holliday hosting the celebration due to Eva Levante's absence following the events of the Red War.[1]


"Have some candy, Guardian. Death has passed us by this night."
Eva Levante

The Festival of the Lost honors and celebrates the spirits of the dead, Guardian and citizen alike. The event involves the consumption of candy.[2]


Year Two[edit]


Eva Levante brought this tradition to the Tower so Guardians could have a better understanding of the people they are protecting. It is a tradition that recognizes friends and loved ones who have died, and so the festival is marked with joy and sorrow. It is celebrated with brightly colored decorations, dressing up in costume (especially the wearing of masks), and the exchange of candy. [3]


The first event began on October 26, 2015, and ended on November 9, 2015.[4]

Speaking with Eva Levante will present players with quest Sweet Memories, in which they must collect candy from vendors around the Tower. Completing this will open three additional quests: The Masks We Wear, Playing Pretend, and Face Off!, each of which require collecting masks and using them in specific situations.

The primary reward of the festival is a collection of new cosmetic items called Masks, which are worn like helmets but offer no additional stats or perks. Rare Masks will expire at the end of the festival and be removed from the player's inventory, but Legendary Masks are permanent; Rare Masks can be upgraded into Legendary Masks using an event-exclusive material called Paper Glue.

  • Mask crafting materials
    • Paper Glue - Used to upgrade a Rare mask into a Legendary Mask (Year One only)
    • Paper Scraps - Traded to Eva Levante for new Rare Masks (Year One only)
  • Mystery Bags
    • Gifts of the Lost
    • Legacy of the Lost
    • Treasures of the Lost
  • Consumables
    • Tiny Box of Raisins
    • Fruit Motes
    • Chocolate Strange Coins
    • Void Fizz
    • Festival of the Lost Candy
    • Glimmer Chew
    • Salty Engram
    • Sour Engram
    • Sugary Engram
    • Flight of Shadows
    • Jackolyte
Eververse Items[edit]

In addition to the above rewards, the Eververse Trading Company is offering a series of premium Festival of the Lost-themed items, including Treasures of the Lost mystery bags, and the Emotes "Boo", "Monster Dance", and "Zombie Dance".

Year Three[edit]


The second event began on October 25, 2016, and ended on November 8, 2016.

Speaking with Eva Levante will again unlock the Sweet Memories quest, but completing it will reward a new questline. In addition, Tyra Karn at the Iron Temple will have a second questline.

In a change from the previous year's event, all Masks acquired are now Legendary and permanent, without the need for upgrading. However, the majority of Masks are rewarded only from purchasing Treasures of the Lost bags from Eververse. Eva Levante sells only the Speaker Mask, Cryptarch Mask, Crota Mask, and Gifts of the Lost bags with static rewards for candy.

In addition, Trials of Osiris had some changes during Festival of the Lost. Fireteam members were not able to revive each other, radar was disabled, and anyone who aimed down sights for too long would see a spider crawl down their screen. Anyone who won five games during the Halloween-themed Trials of Osiris received the Midnight Hunt emblem.

  • Mystery Bags
    • Gifts of the Lost (contains Flight of Shadows, Jackolyte, and the Sea of Tears shader)
    • Treasures of the Lost
  • Consumables
    • Tiny Box of Raisins (convert to Ascendant Raisins at the Speaker for 25 Motes of Light)
    • Ascendant Raisins (trade to Commander Zavala for the Salted Sweet)
    • Salted Sweet (trade to Master Rahool for the Winged Chew)
    • Winged Chew (trade to Amanda Holliday for the Splice Drops)
    • Splice Drops (trade to Cayde-6 for the Unchocolate)
    • Unchocolate (trade to Eris Morn for the Bag of Treats, containing the Piece of Celery and the Superblack shader)
    • Piece of Celery
    • Flight of Shadows
    • Jackolyte
  • Shaders
    • Superblack
    • Sea of Tears
    • Unquiet Spirit
    • Candlelight
  • Emblems
    • Frame's Honor
    • Midnight Hunt (win five matches in Trials of Osiris during Festival of the Lost 2016)
  • Sparrows
    • Lost Broom (found on a shelf in the jukebox room in the Tower Hangar; expires at the end of the event)
    • S-35 Jealousy (found in Treasure of the Lost packages, purchased at the Eververse Trading Company for 200 silver each)
  • Ghost Shells
Eververse Items[edit]

The Eververse Stock from the previous year returns with some additions.

Destiny 2[edit]

Year Two[edit]

"I’ll be damned if we’re gonna sit around and mope all day—Cayde woulda hated that. So let’s have some fun, huh? Put on this mask, and go show the bad guys they can’t keep us down."
Amanda Holliday

Despite the absence of Eva Levante, shipwright Amanda Holliday resumes the Festival of the Lost for the first time since the SIVA Crisis in Destiny. During the final week of Festival of the Lost, Amanda Holliday gave the Guardian a quest to investigate the murder of Master Ives, whose killer was eventually found hiding inside the wall of the now-quarantined Cosmodrome. Completing the quest rewarded the Guardian with the exotic weapon, Thunderlord. [5]


The event began on October 16, 2018, and concluded on on November 6, 2018.

Guardians are tasked with clearing out the "ghouls and demons" of the Haunted Forest. Players will have 15 minutes to clear the Nightmares of the Haunted Forest. This activity will act similarly to a Strike where players can enter it solo and invite two other players to play with or may enter as a Fireteam of two or three.


The following items can be purchased from Amanda Holliday after completing Event Triumphs or with Fragmented Soul currency, which can be earned from the Haunted Forest or by completing Festival of the Lost bounties.

  • Masks
    • Master Rahool Mask
    • Traveler Mask
    • Lord Shaxx Mask
    • Petra Venj Mask
    • Dominus Ghaul Mask
    • Jade Rabbit Mask
    • Will of the Thousands Mask
    • Scorn Mask
    • Emperor Calus Mask
    • Dark Prince Mask
  • Emblems
    • Nightmare's End
    • Deep in the Woods
Eververse Items[edit]

Players will receive an Ephemeral Engram, which will contain Festival of the Lost themed Eververse items alongside Bright Engrams each time their XP bar fills up for the duration of the event. Players may also purchase Ephemeral Engrams with Silver and may purchase various items individually each week with Bright Dust.

  • Masks
    • Colonel Mask
    • Glitterball Mask
  • Armor
    • Titan Armor
      • Lustrous Chromite Helm
      • Lustrous Chromite Gauntlets
      • Lustrous Chromite Plate
      • Lustrous Chromite Greaves
      • Lustrous Chromite Mark
    • Hunter Armor
      • Skerren Corvus Mask
      • Skerren Corvus Grasps
      • Skerren Corvus Vest
      • Skerren Corvus Strides
      • Skerren Corvus Cloak
    • Warlock Armor
      • Liminal Voyager Hood
      • Liminal Voyager Gloves
      • Liminal Voyager Robes
      • Liminal Voyager Boots
      • Liminal Voyager Bond
  • Guardian Ships
    • Infected Seeker
    • Aerial Shroud
    • Three to Eight
    • Uncrowned Progenitor
    • The First Domino
    • Stronger than Now
    • Stained Shrapnel
    • Xenon Direct
  • Sparrows
    • Winchester's Ruin
    • Insurgent's Spur
    • Cetacean Wing
    • Bishop's Run
  • Ghost Shells
    • Okular Fortitude Shell
    • Nine Lives Shell
    • Stonecraft's Amalgam Shell
    • Quondam Shell
    • Angora Raider Shell
    • Canaan's Harvest Shell
    • Rigg's Vortex Shell
    • The Lycan's Mire Shell
    • Seal of the Troika Shell
  • Emotes
    • Heroic Guitarist
    • Summoning Dance
    • Magnificent Dance
    • Spell of Abolition
  • Shaders
    • Dark Florescence
    • Shadowstrike
    • Smashing Success
    • Safety First
    • Mercury Vex Chrome
    • Buffer Overflow
    • Veist Poison Shimmer
    • Dawn and Dusk
    • Watermelon
    • Indigo Matrix
  • Transmat Effects
    • Soulsknot
    • Arachnophile
    • Corrupt Ether
    • Taken Arrival
    • Hive Arrival
    • Silver Spotlight Effects
    • Yellow Spotlight Effects
    • Green Spotlight Effects
    • Purple Spotlight Effects
  • Ghost Projections
    • Chiroptera Projection
    • Spectral Projection
    • Spinneret Projection
    • Carved Projection
    • Arachnid Projection
    • Remembrance Projection
    • Unlucky Projection
    • Phrygian Projection
  • Miscellaneous
    • Ephemeral Bundle (600 Silver)
      • 3 Ephemeral Engrams
      • 150 Bright Dust
      • 5 Dark Florescence Shaders
    • Prideglass Bundle (1100 Silver)
      • 3 Ephemeral Engrams
      • Prideglass (Fighting Lion Ornament)
      • 5 Eververse Bounty Notes
    • Spooky Shaders Pack (100 Bright Dust)
      • Dark Florescence*
      • Shadowstrike*
      • Smashing Success*
      • Safety First*
      • Mercury Vex Chrome*
      • Buffer Overflow*
      • Veist Poison Shimmer*
      • Dawn and Dusk*
      • Watermelon*
      • Indigo Matrix*

* Players will receive only one individual small stack of shaders listed for each Spooky Shaders Pack purchase.

Year 3[edit]

Unlike the 2018 Festival of the Lost, the main vendor for this event is Eva Levante. This year she has all types of treats for sale like various masks, various grab bags, and the BrayTech Werewolf. Like the previous Festival, guardians returned to the haunted forest on Mercury to defeat terrors (previously called nightmares but with Shadowkeep around that would be confusing) and to clear branches, earning them candy and chocolate strange coins in the process. The Festival also included a whole new set of Triumphs to earn that could only be completed during the event.


The Tower Plaza and Tower North are decorated for the duration of the event with candles, banners, paper lanterns shaped like Engrams, a sparkling air effect, and audible screams and foreboding music. Cayde-6 wears an Eris Morn Mask, the Speaker wears a Traveler Mask, Banshee-44 wears a Master Rahool Mask, Eva Levante wears a Crota Mask, and Master Rahool wears an Exotic Engram Mask. In addition, the Tower's day/night cycle has been locked at nighttime, and spotlights in the Last City project a massive Festival of the Lost sigil onto the exterior of the Traveler.



Destiny 2[edit]

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