Altars of Summoning (activity)

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This article is about the Season of the Witch seasonal mode. For the location in Savathûn's Throne World, see Altars of Summoning.
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Altars of Summoning (activity)


Destiny 2


Season of the Witch



Recommended Power Level:



Savathûn's Spire, Court of Savathûn


Summon terrible foes using ritual magic. Defeat them and tithe your conquests to Eris Morn!

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Altars of Summoning is an activity that was introduced in Season of the Witch.


Hidden within the Court of Savathûn are the Altars of Summoning, a hidden oubliette where Savathûn, the Witch Queen has imprisoned large amounts of powerful creatures for future use. Following her posthumous direction, her Ghost Immaru directs the Vanguard into the oubliette, so that they can slay the beings within as tribute for Eris Morn, God of Vengeance.


Altars of Summoning is a three player matchmade activity, launched from the H.E.L.M. The Altars themselves are similar to a Patrol space, where the instance will not end until at least one player is in it. To begin the activity, players can perform the Ritual of Induction at the central pool. Then, they will be directed to one of the Altars, where they can make an offering, which will determine the difficulty of the encounter they are to face. More powerful offerings fill more of the completion bar. There are many different encounters, each with their own mechanics, but they all must be completed within a 7 minutes timer. Once the bar is filled, the God of Vengeance will arrive to collect the accumulated tithes, rewarding the players with loot and reputation. After a few seconds, the Ritual of Induction can be performed again to restart the cycle.

Ritual of Induction[edit]

Around the central pool of the Altars, there will be several Hive runes floating, each interactable. The first player that Invokes Hive Magic under a rune begins a 15 second timer, after which the ritual will complete. However, if all players stand under the three runes different from all others, they will receive a Lucent Blessing, which will restore some of their Special and Heavy ammo after the completion of each encounter.

Ritual Anomalies[edit]

After the completion of an encounter, a Ritual Anomaly encounter can occur. These are simpler battles than regular encounters, but must be completed in a shorter time. Successfully finishing the Anomaly will immediately reward loot and offerings and add to the activity's completion bar.

Unique Enemies[edit]


Altars Bosses[edit]

Ritual Anomaly Bosses[edit]



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