Vex Invasion

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Vex Invasion
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Recommended Light Level:



Anchor of Light, Moon
Archer's Line, Moon
Hellmouth, Moon


Vex - Sol Divisive


Prevent Sol Divisive Vex incursions from striking at the targeted area.


Vex Invasion was a World Event featured as a seasonal activity in Season of the Undying for the duration of the season, similar to Escalation Protocol gameplay-wise. During the event, Guardians must prevent frequent incursions from the Sol Divisive Vex from taking over the Moon at key areas in the Ocean of Storms.[1]


Guardians can unlock Vex Invasions in three different locations on the Moon after unlocking the "Eyes on the Moon" Quest (which was available from completion of the Shadowkeep campaign during the season). While free roaming for several minutes after completing a normal Public Event, the text message reading that "A Vex Invasion gate has opened..." will appear indicating when this event was about to start. Then a Vex gate would open in the skies, and Sol Divisive Vex would begin to spawn under it.

Destroy Gate Lords[edit]

Once you find an Invasion, a Ultra-level Gate Lord will appear surrounded by several waves of Goblins, Hobgoblins and Harpies. For the duration of the activity, Vex will keep spawning as long as the Gate Lord is alive, so Guardians might want to leave it alive in order to farm kills. Once the Gate Lord has been damaged a bit, it will summon two Miniboss-level Quantum Hydras as reinforcements. Be sure to kill the Hydras before destroying the Gate Lord, which drops Vex Chassis Components and a random Powerful-tier seasonal gear upon elimination. Once the current Gate Lord has been defeated and its gate destabilizes, another Invasion gate will open nearby with a new Gate Lord, repeating the process until a total of three Gate Lord Minotaurs are eliminated and the activity ends.

Destroy the Vex Overlord[edit]

If Guardians are able to destroy every Quantum Hydra along with the three Ultra-leveled Minotaurs, a massive Vex Overlord will emerge from the gate network as an additional final boss in the Invasion gate. Carrying more health than the Gate Lords, all available Guardians must work together to swiftly destroy the Vex Hydra boss before the world event's time elapses. Destroying the Overlord nets additional rewards from a nearby chest that spawns, including Legendary Vex Mind Components and Pinnacle seasonal gear. With the elimination of the Vex Overlord, the Vex forces will retreat for now, concluding the Vex Invasion event.




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