Savathûn's Spire (activity)

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This article is about the Season of the Witch seasonal mode. For the location in Savathûn's Throne World, see Savathûn's Spire.
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Savathûn's Spire (activity)


Destiny 2


Season of the Witch



Recommended Power Level:

1760 (Classic)
1810 (Legend)


Savathûn's Spire, Court of Savathûn


Master the magic of the Witch Queen's Spire and open the way to the Altars of Summoning.

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Savathûn's Spire is an activity that was introduced in Season of the Witch.


When the Vanguard were told by Ahsa that Savathûn knows a way to follow The Witness, they would reach out to Immaru. He would agree to help them and resurrect Savathûn, but would say they must deal first deal with Xivu Arath, God of War, and Savathûn's Spire holds what they need. The Guardian would infiltrate the Spire and defeat Hive and Scorn. Eris Morn would use Hive magic to transform herself into the Hive God of Vengeance.


Savathûn's Spire is a three player matchmade activity launched from the H.E.L.M. It features two Surge Modifiers, one Threat modifier, all rotating, and the Heroic modifier, as well as Shielded Foes, though it is not listed. A Legend version is also available, with no matchmaking, locked loadouts, Champions and Overcharged Weapons. Both modes also feature the Deck of Whispers.

First Encounter[edit]

At the entrance of the Spire, the players will see their drawn card, and then have to Invoke Hive Magic to begin the activity. The specifics of each encounter can be found in the Enemies page, and they take place as described. Once the encounter is completed, the players will be lifted up deeper in the Spire.

The Ascent[edit]

After the first encounter is complete, the players will have to navigate onto precarious platforms between deadly obstacles to reach the second encounter. There is a weekly rotating secret chest in this area, as well as elementally attuned Opaque Cards.

Second Encounter[edit]

After drawing their cards and Invoking Hive Magic, the second encounter will begin. In addition to the base mechanics of the enemies within, there will be a sphere of concentrated Light in the middle of the room. Staying close to the sphere will fling the player away after a little, and the Light will activate its effect during the encounter. Solar Light will burn all players in the area, requiring them to take cover in the shadow to avoid being burned. Arc Light will bathe an area in electricity, obstructing vision and continuously damaging players within. Void Light will tether players in place, making it impossible for them to move, and if they jump, they will be drawn towards it.

After the encounter is complete, a portal will open and allow the players to proceed.

The Labyrinth[edit]

The second traversal section begins in front of a set of three Hive runes and four portals marked by runes. Players should memorize the three runes and jump through the portals marked by them, as this will allow them to use a Rally Banner at the end of the section, before confronting the final boss. As with the Ascent, there are weekly rotating secret chests and elementally attuned Opaque Cards hidden in the maze, as well as deadly traps.

Final Encounter[edit]

After the Labyrinth is completed and the card is drawn, players can Invoke Hive Magic to activate a portal to the final encounter. The middle portal will bring them to the Lucent Hive Wardens, the right portal leads to a Scorn Experiment, and the left portal to a Wrathborn Incursion. In this encounter, a Reclaimant of Savathûn may appear. Killing it before it teleports away will reward players with additional loot, keys and offerings.

Once the final encounter is complete, players can spend their Witch's Keys, and the activity ends.

Unique Enemies[edit]




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