The Revelry

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"Spring is in the air, Guardians! It's time to kick up your heels, celebrate, and break a few rules! The people of the City love this time of year, and I wanted to share their joy with you, my good friends. Come to the Tower. Smell the flowers. And revel in all we have together."
Eva Levante

The Revelry was a limited time spring event within Destiny 2 and took place during April 16, 2019 to May 6, 2019.


The Revelry is a new event available to all Destiny 2 players that celebrates the joy of Spring. The Tower is overflowing with colorful arrangements, and Eva Levante has a new activity for you to enjoy with new rewards to claim. But that's just the beginning—the celebration spans across the solar system, offering ways for your character to feel more powerful in every activity Destiny 2 has to offer.


  • This event provided players with certain ability benefits through an item called The Tonic. This item could be used to boost the regeneration of any of the players abilities such as grenade, class ability, or melee. This effect would be further amplified by using event specific armor.
    • Famously these effects did not have any location or activity specification. Meaning these effects were active anywhere from the Crucible to Raids. Thus, for the three week span of the event all activities saw massive shifts in meta. Crucible became inundated with practically infinite invisibility hunters, never ending warlock wells, and grenade spam. In particular, hunter's found that Shinobu's Vow granted near infinite usage of skip grenades. In raids or dungeons, guardians found encounters to be far easier than ever before with many achieving solo flawless runs due to the event.


Tower, Courtyard

Tower, Bazaar District

Verdant Forest

Revelry Items

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