Morgeth, the Spirekeeper

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Morgeth, the Spirekeeper
Biographical Information

Other Names:

Morgeth, Guard of Riven


Hive (formerly)


Blood of Oryx (presumably)
Savathûn's Hive




Taken Ogre



Combat Information


Last Wish


Rotten Surge


Void Axion Darts
Initial Immunity
Umbral Enervation
Morgeth's Grandeur
Taken Strength
Ground Slam
High Durability
Summon Taken

"Well, lookit that. Another Taken wants you dead. Shucks. They'll never forget what you did to their king."
— The Drifter

Morgeth, the Spirekeeper is an enormous, powerful Taken Ogre which serves as the enforcer of Riven's corruption in the Dreaming City, and the guard of the City's main tower, The Keep of Voices. It is the third boss of the Last Wish Raid.


The boss encounter will trigger when someone collects a portion of Taken strength. Morgeth will rise and will start focusing the player/s with Arc blasts. To be able to damage the boss, player/s will need to get a ten stack on their "Taken Strength" buff, the ninth being the first "Taken Strength" that started the encounter. However, player/s that stack up three or more times per player will die, meaning that everyone should have two stacks each. While trying to do this, adds will continuously spawn and Morgeth will also continuously ramp up its strength. The speed of its strength increase will expand over time, sometimes by the "Taken Strength". In this boss fight, many Taken Psions, Taken Ogres, and a special Taken Captain will spawn. The Captain will drop Taken Essence, and only two Taken Essence can be present at a time. This is used to cleanse people of the debuff called "Taken Enervation" in which the targeted player is disabled from moving. However, players who are cleansed of it will lose all of their "Taken Strength". With the orb from the Eye of Riven, the player/s will need to use it to stop Morgeth from using all of its strength and team-wiping and to start damaging. It is recommended to use the bomb attack of the orb on the Ogre when Morgeth is at 90% strength, in which to maximize. Also, several Axion Darts will emit from Morgeth, able to kill most to all of the whole team. Repeat this cycle until Morgeth is vanquished and the player/s can move on to the next encounter. Note that the amount of "Taken Strength" will vary for each wave of each rotation.


  • Morgeth's name is similar to the name of Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger
  • Morgeth is by far the largest Ogre the Guardians have fought.
    • As of now, Morgeth is also the second largest Taken enemy we have fought, the first being Riven.
  • Morgeth has a large pulsing mass on its back that grows larger and pulses more as its Taken strength becomes stronger. This is very similar to how the strike boss, Malok, Pride of Oryx's head will pulsate and grow larger as it is damaged more.

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