Techwizard Malykuh, Salvation's Warden

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Techwizard Malykuh, Salvation's Warden
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House of Salvation (formerly)





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Molten Welder
Shock Grenades


Summon Fallen
Summon Hive
High Durability
Immunity Shield
Ultra Smash


"They don't just want his secrets. They want him. Brought to submit."
Osiris regarding the Clovis Bray AI

Techwizard Malykuh, Salvation's Warden was a powerful Fallen Captain of the House of Salvation, before they were corrupted into a Wrathborn to serve Xivu Arath, God of War. They were sent to assault the Bray Exoscience facility on Europa, in order to corrupt the Clovis Bray AI.[1]


Techwizard Malykuh serves as the final boss of the Hierarchy Mission. After you have fought your way through to the Creation branch of Bray Exoscience and arrived at Clovis Bray's location, you will find several Wrathborn fighting against BrayTech Security for control of the AI. The boss will appear in front of the giant Exo head when you join the firefight. Malykuh will bombard their targets with Solar volleys from their Molten Welder, and will frequently teleport around the arena to evade incoming fire or surprise their opponents. They also come equipped with Shock Grenades, which they usually will throw at the player when they are further away. Getting too close will prompt the Captain to use their stomp attack, launching you backward and causing considerable damage. Malykuh is be backed up by a horde of Wrathborn Fallen, and will call upon more to aid them as they lose health.

Once half their vitality has been depleted, the Techwizard will activate an immunity shield before teleporting out of the arena, whilst Hive forces and a Tombship arrive to cover the boss's retreat. Twenty seconds later, the boss will reappear by the Clovis Bray head and the player will be free to finish the fight with the Wrathborn. Once you have successfully defeated Malykuh, you will be able to reset Creation's security protocols and speak to Clovis Bray.


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