Lurg, the Burning Shield

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Lurg, the Burning Shield
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Biographical Information




Red Legion







Combat Information


Flashpoint: Io


Cabal Bronto Cannon
Energy Shield


Shield Expansion
Shield Lunge Melee
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Summon Cabal


Lurg, the Burning Shield is a unique Ultra Phalanx appearing in the Io Flashpoint.


Lurg will periodically be stationed at The Rupture with a crew of Legionaries and Incendiors, though he can always call for more reinfocements. Unusual among Phalanx units, he is armed with a Cabal Bronto Cannon, a powerful Cabal weapon that can bring down half of a Guardian's shield with one shot. Lurg is also equipped with a shield that grants him full frontal protection, and can expand it to form a wide barrier to provide cover for his crew, though he will not hesitate to use the shield as a melee weapon if cornered. He is known for his substantially high health count, making him an adamant target, and given the fact that he can easily reposition himself with his jump jets, it will take a lot of concentrated firepower to kill him. Attacking Lurg with other nearby Guardians will help with this.


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