Brakion, Genesis Mind

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Brakion, Genesis Mind
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Biographical Information




Sol Collective






24'9 / 7.58 m

Combat Information


The Pyramidion


Line Rifle


Temporal Shockwave
Void Flame Bolts
Burning Effect
High Durability
Brief Immunity
Confluence Barrier
Alter Surroundings
Berserker Rage
Summon Vex

"Just us and a giant Vex Gate.
Ah, the Vex Gate at the center of the lake!
What lake?!
The lake where you will grind Brakion's horns into dust and crush its chassis beneath your boot! That lake!
Ghost and Asher Mir

Brakion, Genesis Mind is an Ultra Hobgoblin that serves as the Axis Mind of the Pyramidion on Io and the main boss of the aforementioned Strike in Destiny 2.


Brakion oversees the Pyramidion at its core and therefore coordinates the Vex's efforts of converting Io into a Machine world. It reconfigured reality within the Vex structure to halt a failed Guardian expedition attempting to invade the Pyramidion, led by Asher Mir whom Brakion captured at the shores of a radiolarian lake. It subjected the captive Asher and his team to experiments injecting radiolaria and grafting Vex technology; some which converted the latter's arm and Ghost into Vex constructs before he could escape.

Years later, another fireteam of Guardians guided by Ikora Rey and an extremely vengeful Asher Mir entered into Pyramidion despite heavy Vex resistance and leftover Taken from Ir Arok, Tongue of Quria's excursion. Upon delving into the self-criticality of the synthoneural terminus, they summon Brakion and put an immediate end to the Vex mind much to Asher's satisfaction.


Brakion will enter the arena when the plate in front of it is stood on for long enough. It will open fire with its Line Rifle and occasionally follow up with Void flame projectiles that create a circle of purple fire upon impact. After its health has been reduced by a third, it will teleport to another location; it will be immune while teleporting. It will then surround itself in a Vex barrier that can only be disabled by capturing a Sync Plate. Other Vex will defend this plate, so killing them all is advised. Brakion is able to shoot through this barrier. After capturing this Sync Plate, Brakion will resume its attack, but will teleport to another corner and put up another Vex Barrier shortly after. Once the barriers have been disabled, Brakion will assault the player directly, and will eventually enter berserk mode. It will remain in this state until it is defeated.


  • Brakion is the second Axis Mind that has the appearance of a Hobgoblin, instead of a Minotaur, Hydra, or a Harpy, the first being Xegonion, Warped Mind and the third being Agioktis, Martyr Mind.
    • In addition, Brakion is the second boss whose appearance changes when critically damaged. The first being Protheon.
    • When Brakion's head is shot off its weak point is shifted to its chest and on the back of its chest is a small window that shows a weak point.
  • Brakion is the second Vex boss to be called by name. The first was Atheon when he was called by name during Destiny's Age of Triumph.
  • Brakion’s name could be derived from the Latin word bracchium, which means arm or branch. This may be an allusion to the Pyramidion's connection to the Infinite Forest, or a somewhat humorous allusion to the fact that Brakion is responsible for converting Asher Mir's arm.
  • If Brakion's head is broken before entering his vulnerable state a second time, he will enter a beserker rage, moving through his shield while remaining invulnerable. This makes defeating him significantly more difficult.


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