Warden Vincu'us, Shadow Legion

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Warden Vincu'us, Shadow Legion
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Biographical information




Shadow Legion





Combat information


Defiant Battleground: EDZ


ArcS.png Cabal Slug Launcher
ArcS.png Cabal Cluster Missiles


Summon Cabal
Summon Taken
Summon Dark Fetor
Immunity Shield
High Durability
Blinding Effect
Slowing Effect
Limited Flight
KineticS.png Quake


Warden Vincu'us, Shadow Legion is a Cabal Colossus of the Shadow Legion that acts as the warden for the Shadow Legion Prison of the European Dead Zone. They guarded the many prisoners brought into the facility by the Legion, including Amanda Holliday. A Fireteam of Guardians infiltrated the prison and confronted the Warden, who was slain in a fierce battle.[1]


Warden Vincu'us is the final boss of Defiant Battleground: EDZ. The fireteam initially encounters the Colossus alongside several Cabal and Psion reinforcements, and the Warden will stand on an elevated platform to bombard the team with its weapons. Once they lose a third of their health, Vincu'us will activate an immunity shield and fill the area with Dark Fetor, which will quickly start to damage the Guardians. Planting a Balefire will create a safe zone, and prompt the appearance of hordes of Taken. Players must seek the Taken Anomalies among the foes and purify their essences into balls that can be thrown at the Warden to break their shield. Once the shield is broken, Vincu'us will be damageable for another third of their health, after which they will retreat again and summon more reinforcements. The purification of essences must be repeated, this time at a second Balefire, to bring down the Colossus' shield one final time. This will also disperse the Dark Fetor, and prompt the Warden to summon more reinforcements. Draining the last third of Vincu'us' health will complete the encounter and activity.