Taken Anomaly

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Taken Anomaly
Taken Anomaly.png
Biographical information






Taken Wizard

Combat information


Defiant Battleground EDZ


High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
SolarS.png Necromantic Gaze
VoidS.png Absorption Shield
Summon Shadow Thrall
Drop Taken Essence


The Taken Anomaly is an Elite variant of Taken Wizards that appears in the Shadow Legion Prison in the European Dead Zone.[1]


Taken Anomalies are essential to completing the activity. Once Warden Vincu'us, Shadow Legion loses a third of his health, he will shroud himself in an immunity shield and summon numerous Taken, as well as submerge the area in a Dark Fetor. Every few moments, pairs of Taken Anomalies will spawn at opposite ends of the arena. Players must venture into the fog to slay these Wizards and collect the Taken Essence they drop. Once brought to the Balefire, they will be able to purify the essence and throw it against the Warden, taking down a portion of his shield.


  • Ravenous Taken Knights and Ravenous Taken Vandals with the same function as the Taken Anomalies appear in the other two battlegrounds, though they are only referred to as such by the text in the effects section of the screen.

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