Taken Hydra

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Taken Hydra
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Biographical Information




Heavy Support



Combat Information


Aeon Maul


Summon Taken
Summon Blight Bomb (Seditious Mind)
Teleport (Morphon, Blighted Mind)
Summon Oracles (Morphon, Blighted Mind)
Detainment (Morphon, Blighted Mind)
Circular Shield (Sekrion, Subverted Mind; The Reckoning)
Arc Darkness Bolt (The Reckoning)
Simulate (Quria, Blade Transform)
Temporal Disintegration Protocol (Quria, Blade Transform)


The Taken Hydra is a Taken Vex that keeps its Aeon Maul but loses the Hydra's protective semi-circular shield, making it vulnerable to ranged attack and reliant on its support troops for overall protection. It also detonates if a Guardian gets to close, much like The Undying Mind. Certain Taken Hydras can summon Blight Bombs, as well as Teleport, Summon Oracles and Detain Guardians, or summon a circular shield like the Templar, protecting it from all forms of damage, that can only be broken by the Aegis.

The Taken Hydra returns in Joker's Wild, and appears exclusively as a boss in the first room of The Reckoning. It possesses two shields instead of the usual one, which rotate at a faster rate than normal Hydras. It can also rapidly fire off Darkness bolts, which blind any Guardians hit by them.

Known Taken Hydras[edit]


  • Before D2, Taken Hydras were the only Taken to have added parts with tendrils emerging from the top chassis.

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