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"Eris Morn returned to the Vestian Outpost. Because she spoke well, it was agreed that aid would be traded for intelligence and a long-term alliance. In this way, the Awoken were the first to know of the Great Navigator: his philosophies, his strategies, his weaknesses. And as the coven contemplated the possibilities laid wide before this god-king's far-flung sword, it was decreed that they would build a throne world beneath an energy well as blind as the ferryman Charon."
— Throne

Eleusinia is a location accessible in The Shattered Throne. It is the third Throne World made for Mara Sov, built with the help of her Techeuns and Riven as a failsafe during the onset of the Taken War, and accessible through a gateway beneath the Dreaming City powered by the Blind Well.[1] Eris Morn describes it as a throne world built for Light despite its origins with the Darkness-aligned Sword Logic.[2] It was corrupted by Oryx, the Taken King during the Taken War, and is now being used as a staging ground for Savathûn's daughter, Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return, so that she can allow her mother to access the Distributary and ascend to god-like power through the realm's time dilation.


  • Eleusinia is the second known Throne World formed by a being that is not a Hive or Worm. Notably, it was constructed "artificially," without the ostensible use of the sword logic.
  • The name Eleusinia is similar to the ancient Greek city of Eleusis, which is also the site of the similarly named Eleusinian Mysteries which are yearly initiations held for the cult of Demeter and Persephone.


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