The Shattered Throne

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Strike back at the curse that plagues the Dreaming City.





The Shattered Throne





Recommended Light Level:



Eleusinia, Ascendant realm


Locate the source of the Taken invasion in Eleusinia.

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The Shattered Throne is a Dungeon that was introduced in Forsaken, and released on the 25th of September, 2018. It requires Guardians to enter Eleusinia, Queen Mara Sov's Throne World, where they fight their way past a horde of Taken, in order to uncover the source of the Dreaming City's Taken corruption following the Last Wish Raid. It is only available every third week, when the curse is at the maximum level.



When you enter Mara Sov’s Throne world, you see a big door in front of you. Have your fireteam go through that door, and enter the labyrinth, continue to advance until you see a restricted zone pop up, you will see an enemy known as “Labyrinth Architect” Kill the architect and the ads. Once you kill the ads, a symbol will pop up.

Travel to the next location with the corresponding symbol. Repeat the process until you have to go back to where you came from.

Simply clear the last section and a door will open underground. Go in there and follow the path taken, pretty self explanatory.

After a period of time, you should trigger a checkpoint. Simply jump down, clear ads and by the very end of the puzzle, there will be a boss that you need to kill, named Asterion, Set Apart. Kill the boss and move on to the next part.

You're gonna enter a room full of ads. Carefully take them out one by one, so that they don't trouble you. By the end of the jumping puzzle, turn left. Here you're gonna enter a more specific jumping puzzle. You have to jump your way through the puzzle onto the left side. But, Taken Ogres and obstacles are going to spawn. Be careful and take out the Ogres before moving on.

When you reach a barier, go through it and you'll see that you are slower and you cannot double jump/glide/lift. There will also be a never ending swarm of Shadow Thrall spawning around the room. Go through the maze and avoid the Shadow Thrall or dispatch as much as you can. By the very end, drop down onto the next part.

Jump your way onto the next section to begin a new, harder encounter.

Here you arrive at the first boss, Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger. This encounter has a special type of Taken Wizard known as the Keeper of Petitions. Carefully kill the wizards and pick up the orb they drop. You will receive a buff called “Petitioner's Mark", this can be stacked up to 3 times. There will also be a 45 second counter, where if the number hits zero, the owner of the buff will be killed. Once you collect the fourth orb, the buff will change to “Petitioner's Burden”. Extinguish the buff at one of the 4 pillars to start the damage phase. Repeat until killed.

Go through the door in the center. Jump down a series of platforms to ascend a gravitational lift. The path from there is pretty self-explanatory.

On one point you're gonna have a new objective - "Ascend". You have two options: either go up the stairs, go forward and then jump to the ending rightaway (the harder path) or turn right and then go through a series of jumping puzzle. Stick to the wall, ascend the lifts to get to the last part.

Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return is the final boss of The Shattered Throne. Once you start the encounter, you will see three knights, kill them and orbs will drop. Make sure all the ads are dead and then pick up the orbs. This is the start of the damage phase and you only have 45 seconds until you have to cleanse yourself at the middle of the room. To bring any killed knights back to get the buff, they will have to destroy a crystal summoned by Dûl Incaru. Repeat the process until the boss is dead, and you beat the activity.

Wish-Ender Guide[edit]

After players beat Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger and stepped through the door, they are going to see a statue. Players should talk to the statue, giving it their Awoken Talisman. This starts the Wish-Ender questline.

After players talked to the statue, they should see a communicate that a new mission has appeared. Go to Thieves' Landing in the Tangled Shore and head to the Four-Horn Gulch. When walking out of the cave, by the right building you are going to see a quest marker. Complete the mission to move on.

After completing the ??? Quest players must then return to Eleusinia to kill 3 hidden bosses found in the Shattered Throne.

To find Querim, the Waking, the team must find an orb hidden atop the Tower of the Deep and bring it to the roof of the center building. There, a Siren of Riven will speak to the team. The orb must be placed in the empty hands of one of the statues. Once done, the fight begins. First, another Taken Minotaur, named Theratos, Archersbane will spawn. At a certain threshold of health, Querim will spawn. To end it, both the Minotaurs must be disposed of, regardless of time apart.

Next is to find Eriviks, the Waking, who's arena must be unlocked with 2 orbs instead of 1. The first orb will be found in the Ogre room, where it is found behind the first pillar to the right of the beginning, and the orb is to be placed somewhere along the right side of the room(from the perspective of the first pillar to the Shadow Thrall room), where one of the statues will be missing the orb. The second is located in the "Thrallway" to the right of the entrance. Players holding the orb can also cheese the encounter with the Jump-Melee strategy. The orb is to be placed at the end, where the team jumps from the "Thrallway" into a chamber with a bunch of the statues along the sides, with one missing the necessary orb, place it. If both are placed, then a door at the end of the encounter will open, revealing a hidden room, where the Boss lurks. Once the team rendezvous in the room and one of the members investigates the center, the door will close and the fight will begin. A bunch of Taken Psions will spawn to attempt to inconvenience the players, and then the boss will spawn in the aforementioned center. Once Eriviks is killed, the encounter will end and the door will reopen.

Lastly is Xavoth, the Waking, who is, inconveniently, located with another Ogre, Vorgeth. To summon the Ogre, the players must cleanse one of the sigils, resulting in Vorgeth's Axion Dart swarm (so be on your toes). In the back by the exit at the end of the fight, a Taken Minotaur will spawn; killing it will drop an orb, which must be placed at one of the statues hidden along the side of the room. Then, Xavoth will spawn; however, unlike Vorgeth, Xavoth is easy to kill, but can and will be a problem if not dealt with quick enough.

Once all enemies are eliminated, and the tokens are filled, the players can turn in those tokens to Sjur Eido's statue and claim the Wish-Ender bow.


Rewards that drop here will be the normal Dreaming City gear, such as the Reverie Dawn Armor and other Dreaming City themed weapons. On the plus side, the gear will have a higher power level (while abiding the level cap) than a players average power level. There will also be a chance for the rarer Dreaming City Ship.



  • The Shattered Throne is the first Dungeon in the Destiny series.