Abide the Return

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Abide the Return
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"It is what she asks of us."
Paladin Kamala Rior

Abide the Return is a Legendary Sword that can be acquired from events, chests, and the Blind Well in the Dreaming City.


Kamala Rior climbs onto a railing at the top of the Tower in the Last City. "Guardians of the Tower!" she calls out.

A few look her way. One begins dancing at her feet. Others fool around with a purple ball.

Kamala can feel Zavala watching. Tess and Rahool, too, though both pretend otherwise. She goes on, "The Awoken are Humanity's shield. We entered the Reef Wars to prevent a Fallen coup here on Earth. We met Oryx head-on and endured immeasurable sacrifice, all in the name of a shared future."

The dancing Guardian falls still. The purple ball is forgotten.

"We ask you now for your aid. One of our sacred cities is at risk. There are so few of us left; we cannot defend it alone. We do not ask this for free: We will open our armories; we will share our wisdom; we will teach you what we can. Please. Come to the Dreaming City. Fight with us."

"The Vanguard stands with the Reef," Zavala calls, strong and true. Kamala turns to look at him, shocked, and he smiles: apologetic, genuine, honorable.


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Primary Perks: - Hungry Edge - Enduring Blade - Honed Edge - Jagged Edge - Tempered Edge

Secondary Perks: - Balanced Guard - Burst Guard - Enduring Guard - Heavy Guard - Swordmaster's Guard

Tertiary Perks: - Relentless Strikes - Tireless Blade

Quaternary Perks: - Whirlwind Blade - Assassins' Blade - En Garde

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