Wall of Wishes

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Wall of Wishes
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Tower of Opened Eyes


"What [the Queen] wants, the Techeun move worlds to obtain. And so the Witches devise an impossible machine that speaks a visual language with very few spaces between its words. This machine speaks [wishes]. Makes [bargains]."
— Riven

The Wall of Wishes is a device located within the Tower of Opened Eyes in the Dreaming City. It was designed by Mara Sov and her Techeuns as a means of making safe bargains with the Ahamkara Riven, who would otherwise seek to take advantage of her petitioners by exploiting loopholes in their requests.[1]

Design and Function[edit]

"If the Techeun's design proves correct, it will be difficult for me to interpret the [wishes] made at the Wall to my advantage. But challenges entice me. I look upon the Wall. Upon the Witches' visual language for [bargains]. For me, it is a menu of delights to feast upon."
— Riven.

The Wall consists of a four-by-five grid of circular panels suspended above a pool of water. When one of these panels is struck by a projectile, it will illuminate and display one of sixteen images, which it will cycle through upon repeated impacts. These images display stylized fish, snakes, dragons, and hawks in various poses. When arranged in various patterns on the Wall, the images form the basis of a symbolic language that can be interpreted by Riven; this language was designed by the Techeuns to be difficult for Riven to willfully misinterpret. When the wish-maker stands upon a circle on the floor in front of the Wall, the pattern of images will be transmitted to Riven, who will grant the wish specified by the pattern.


During the course of the Last Wish raid, Guardians can make a total of 14 wishes that can aid them during the raid, do trivial effects, or lead to disaster. The 15th wish was uncovered in Season of the Wish.

  1. 1st Wish: Wish to feed an addiction — Grants an Ethereal Key.
  2. 2nd Wish: A wish for material validation — Causes a chest to spawn between the Morgeth encounter and the Vault encounter that can only be opened with a Glittering Key.
  3. 3rd Wish: A wish for others to celebrate your success — Unlocks the Numbers of Power Emblem.
  4. 4th Wish: A wish to look athletic and elegant — Immediately wipes the fireteam and teleports them to the Shuro Chi encounter.
  5. 5th Wish: A wish for a promising future — Immediately wipes the fireteam and teleports them to the Morgeth encounter.
  6. 6th Wish: A wish to move the hands of time — Immediately wipes the fireteam and teleports them to the Vault encounter.
  7. 7th Wish: A wish to help a friend in need — Immediately wipes the fireteam and teleports them to the Riven encounter.
  8. 8th Wish: A wish to stay here forever — Plays Hope for the Future by Paul McCartney.
  9. 9th Wish: A wish to stay here forever — Activates Failsafe dialogue throughout the raid.
  10. 10th Wish: A wish to stay here forever — Activates Drifter dialogue throughout the raid.
  11. 11th Wish: A wish to stay here forever — Adds an explosive effect on precision final blows, similar to the Grunt Birthday Party skull from the Halo franchise.
  12. 12th Wish: A wish to open your mind to new ideas — Adds a random effect around the player's head.
  13. 13th Wish: A wish for the means to feed an addiction — Activates Petra's Run, where the fireteam must complete a flawless run of the raid or else they are returned to Orbit.
  14. 14th Wish: A wish for love and support — Spawns several corrupted Ahamkara eggs throughout the raid that can be only be destroyed using Wish-Ender.
  15. 15th Wish: A wish for a new pathway – Enables singular entry into the Pale Heart of the Traveler.


  • The description for the 15th Wish was originally "This one you shall cherish" before it would be changed in Season of the Wish, although it would still be referred to as the former in the triumphs and as Riven's final words to Mara, Crow and Petra at the finale of the seasonal story.

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