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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Wish Ender.png
Production overview

Rarity Class:


Weapon Type:


Min-Max accuracy:

72 (High)

Min-Max impact:

92 (Very High)

Min-Max stability:

91 (Very High)


Ammunition type:




Service history

In service:



Sjur Eido

"Don't fret. It's a simple expedition. We'll be back before lunch."
Sjur Eido, First Queen's Wrath

The Wish-Ender is an exotic Bow featured in Forsaken. Aiming this weapon allows the player to see through walls, as well as pierce enemies on hits for collateral damage to those standing behind.[1]


Sjur Eido stood slow joints snapping second to none but the Sovs themselves stood straight-backed sharp-sighted pleased to skewer enemies at any distance. Sjur Eido listened close head cocked arrow nocked listened to her Queen's layered lies and heard only the truths as endless courtly complaints flowed around them like the mists of Divalia.

Sjur Eido watched shadows wind warp widen watched surveillance feeds encrypted snaps the weapon hand of every woman and man who wished an audience. Sjur Eido swore with revelation righteous fury betrayedbetrayedbetrayedbetrayedbetrayedbetrayedbetrayedbetrayed swore an oath to rise again. Sjur Eido drew loosed dr–


l o s t


Column 1[edit]

Queen's Wrath:While aiming down sights with a fully-drawn bow, enemies behind walls are highlighted.

Column 2[edit]

High Tension String: Tightly strung bow. • Increases accuracy • Slightly slower draw time • Slightly decreases stability

Column 3[edit]

Anti-Taken Fletching: Specialized to fight Taken targets. • Increases accuracy

Column 4[edit]

Broadhead: Piercing arrowhead that damages the target on entry and exit. One shot can overpenetrate multiple targets.

Column 5[edit]

Tracker Disabled: No tracker is displayed on this weapon.

Kill Tracker: This weapon tracks the number of enemies you defeated with it.

Crucible Tracker: This weapon tracks the number of Crucible opponents you defeated with it.

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  • In the Italian translation of Destiny 2, "Wish-Ender" is directly translated to "Dragon-Slayer."
  • Using Wish-Ender is the only way to destroy the Corrupted Eggs scattered around the Dreaming City. Destroying all 40 eggs rewards the player with the Exotic Sparrow Harbinger's Echo.