The Wardcliff Coil

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The Wardcliff Coil
Production overview

Rarity Class:


Weapon Type:

Rocket Launcher

Min-Max accuracy:


Min-Max impact:


Min-Max stability:


Min-Max handling:


Min-Max magazine:

1 (15 microrockets)


Feed system:


Ammunition type:


Fire mode:


Rate of fire:

60 RPM



Effective range:


Service history

In service:



The Wardcliff Coil is an exotic Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2. It fires a massive volley of microrockets that will home in on targets at short range for a wide area of effect.


Ingenuity. Desperation. A haphazard prototype of terrible power. Such were the factors at play in the Wardcliff Incident.

HAMIT'S LOG. The lead is good, but so are the Fallen tracking me. I swear on my Ghost there's a hundred camped outside. I'm cornered in the lab and they're using Shanks to run me out of ammunition. War cultist, arm thyself; at least it's a weapons lab. This, er, rustic device was once an experimental axion emitter, which sprays weird particles to light up the basement of the universe. Right here I've coupled the emitter to some catacaustic quark-gluon coils, which will not, due to my scrupulous safety checking, create a strangelet that devours the Earth. I cook up some pain in there, the microverse decays, and the result comes out here. If it doesn't work, well, please name the crater after me.


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Weapon Mods[edit]

Tesla's Revenge - Equip this Weapon Ornament to change the appearance of The Wardcliff Coil.

Dieselpunk - Equip this Weapon Ornament to change the appearance of The Wardcliff Coil.

Weapon Perks[edit]

Column 1 (Intrinsic)[edit]

  • Mad Scientist: This weapon fires a volley of rockets.

Column 2 (Launcher Barrel)[edit]

  • Volatile Launch: This weapon is optimized for an especially explosive payload. • Greatly increases blast radius • Slightly decreases handling speed • Slightly decreases projectile speed.

Column 3 (Magazine)[edit]

  • Extended Mag: This weapon has a greatly increased magazine size, but reloads much slower. • Greatly increases magazine size • Greatly decreases reload speed.

Column 4 (Trait)[edit]

  • Mechanized Autoloader: This weapon automatically reloads on ammo pickup.

Column 5 (Stock)[edit]

  • Composite Stock: This weapon has a versatile dual-purpose stock. • Slightly increases stability • Slightly increases handling speed


  • This weapon was originally called A Dubious Volley, and it originally caused Void damage, as it was discovered while datamining, embedded in the data files of Destiny 1, but was never released until Destiny 2.
  • This weapon may have been named for one of Croatian inventor Nikola Tesla's most infamous inventions- Wardenclyffe Tower. It was the housing for Tesla's largest electricity coil and could shoot a bolt of lightning 300 feet outward. The ornament, Tesla's Revenge, is likely a homage to the inventor.


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