Two-Tailed Fox

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Two-Tailed Fox
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Production overview



Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Rocket Launcher

Min-max stability:

55 (Middling)

Min-max handling:

52 (Middling)

Min-max magazine:



Ammunition type:


Rate of fire:



VoidS.png Void/SolarS.png Solar/ArcS.png Arc (with catalyst)

Service history

In service:



"Adorably murderous."
— Weapon description

The Two-Tailed Fox is an exotic Rocket Launcher featured in Forsaken. It fires two rockets simultaneously, one Void and one Solar, that can track onto the same target. It is a weapon from the Daito foundry. If players buy the Shadowkeep deluxe edition, they will receive Two-Tailed Fox and a special ornament, Chasing Kitsune, from a package that they can claim from Eris Morn.


Intrinsic: Twintails - Shoots two rockets, one Void and one Solar, that can track onto the same target.

Launcher Barrel: Confined Launch - This weapon's launch parameters are particularly stable.

  • Greatly increases stability
  • Increases blast radius
  • Decreases projectile speed

Magazine: High-Velocity Rounds - This weapon's projectiles are particularly light and quick

  • Increases projectile speed
  • Increases reload speed

Trait: Play with Your Prey - The Void rocket suppresses enemies. The Solar rocket causes damage over time.

Stock: Composite Stock - This weapon has a versatile dual-purpose stock.

  • Slightly increases stability
  • Slightly increases handling speed.


This item can be obtained as a random drop when completing strikes, Gambit matches, or Crucible matches. Its upgrade is unlocked by killing 350 enemies with Two-Tailed Fox. Once unlocked, it grants the Third Tail perk that adds an additional Arc rocket to the second shot that can jolt targets.


The Two-Tailed Fox fires two rockets for the price of one ammo, one rocket uses Void, the other uses Solar. There's a small fox at the bottom of the reticle. Once locked onto a target, it changes color and takes on a more mad expression. The rocket feels slower than most other rocket launchers, and their tracking locks on a bit after their launch. This makes it a bit harder to uses in PVP, but it is still very good.


Breaking through the dawn, the hope of light
I am the chosen of the (TRAVELER)
With trusted friends and the promise of hope
My explosive (POWER) will never be erased!

Shi-ning power! (KITSUNE!)
Over-flowing power! (KITSUNE!)
Your (NON-STOP POWER) cuts the night!
Your (NON-STOP POWER) erases all doubt!

Chaos! Fire! Chaos! Fire! Chaos! Fire!

Getting stronger, subduing the threat
You have no choice but to relent to me
Even when the fire of my soul is dwindling
I have the (POWER) of my (KITSUNE)!

Chaos! Fire! Chaos! Fire! Chaos! Fire!

Shi-ning power! (KITSUNE!)
Over-flowing power! (KITSUNE!)
Your (NON-STOP POWER) cuts the night!
Your (NON-STOP POWER) erases all doubt!

The call of the gun in my hands is the source of my strength…
Shi-ning power! (KITSUNE!)


  • The Two-Tailed Fox is by far the biggest Rocket Launcher, being almost twice the size of most others.
  • The Two-Tailed Fox makes a small squeak noise reminiscent to a Fox when drawn.
  • The Two-Tailed Fox has japanese kanji on the sight (双尾狐) translating to two-tailed fox.
  • The Two-Tailed Fox has an ornament released in Shadowkeep as part of the pre-order bonus.
  • The Two-Tailed Fox was originally called Twin Rabbit during Forsaken's development.
    • It did eventually get a ornament reminiscent of it's name during it's development. With it's name being Cuddly Throwback that was released during Season of the Forge.
  • The lore entry for Two-Tailed Fox is believed by some to be based off of an anime theme.


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