The Jade Rabbit

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"What kind of harebrained scheme have you got in mind this time?"
— Weapon Description
The Jade Rabbit
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Weapon type:

Scout Rifle

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Primary ammo


KineticS.png Kinetic

Service history

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Guardians, Vanguard


The Jade Rabbit is an Exotic Scout Rifle available in The Taken King. It was a PlayStation exclusive until October 2017.[1] The Jade Rabbit is also available in Curse of Osiris.

Destiny Grimoire[edit]

Grimoire The Jade Rabbit.jpg

Like many weapons of the Dark Age, the Jade Rabbit was created from hastily reassembled—and often poorly understood—Golden Age technology: in this case, kinetic low-atmosphere propulsion systems in use on Luna settlements. Even the weapon's casing is cut from the plasteel bulwarks of the First Light installation.

The significance of the markings: 玉兔, or "Jade Rabbit," are unfortunately lost to history.

Destiny 2 Lore[edit]

Do you ever wonder who you were before you were resurrected? Do you experience debilitating anxiety when you think about the cold, crushing fist of death? Has the desire to lie face-down on the floor for hours at a time been holding YOU back? From the people that brought you Lunal comes prescription-strength Immortalia: a revolutionary new combat elixir shown to relieve the crippling existential crises of your second life. Immortalia can reduce symptoms of listlessness, cynicism, and social anxiety. Side effects may include dancing, salty behavior, and acts of group heroism. Do not take Immortalia while operating all-terrain thrust bikes.


The primary perk is the Fate of All Fools, where chaining body shots increases the damage of the next precision shot. Other perks include Zen moment, which increases stability, and Spray and Play, which increases reload speed on an empty magazine.

Weapon mods[edit]

Jade Jester - Equip this Weapon Ornament to change the appearance of The Jade Rabbit.

Raging Lepus - Equip this Weapon Ornament to change the appearance of The Jade Rabbit.

Qingming Offering - Equip this Weapon Ornament to change the appearance of The Jade Rabbit.

Weapon perks[edit]

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  • The Fate of all Fools: Chain body shots to gain bonus damage on your next precision shot and return ammo to the magazine.


  • The weapon was originally known as Fate of All Fools and had a different model. The weapon's main perk, "The Fate of All Fools", retains its name and function, with a slight addition in the ability to return ammo to the magazine after a precision shot.
  • The weapons's magwell features the same graphic as the Jade Rabbit Insignia emblem.
  • The name is a reference to an ancient Chinese legend about a mythical Jade Rabbit living on the moon.
  • The Daito foundry logo can be seen on the weapon.
    • Despite this, the Grimoire card for the weapon explains that it was a hastily built Dark Age weapon.[2]


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