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Basic information
Real name

Vastorix, King Archon


Archon of the House of Kings

Places I've lived

Old Russia (Dreg-Captain) Some obscure place, seemingly impossible for even Oryx and his Taken to find me, our Prime Servitor, and the Kell of Kings (Archon)


Eliksni Splicer Academy

About me

I am Vastorix, Archon Priest of the House of Kings! I await the reclamation of the Devils to cease, and will lead my Splicers into glory and endless least when our Kell decides to actually do something! He keeps on ranting about a "witch-queen" or "knight morph", honestly I think he's starting to show symptoms of Skolas syndrome.

Recent activity
advanced to level Vandal
Received an award
advanced to level Archon Servant
Received an award
advanced to level Reaver Dreg
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Edits 46
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Hello VT, welcome to Destinypedia!