Nemesis Star

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Nemesis Star
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Production overview



Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Machine Gun

Min-max magazine:



Feed system:

Double Drum Belt

Fire mode:


Rate of fire:

600 RPM (Inital Burst)
360 RPM (Sustained Fire)


53 Impact

Service history

In service:



"What is the answer, when the question is extinction?"
— Weapon text.

Nemesis Star is an Exotic Machine Gun that was released in the Rise of Iron expansion.


The Nemesis Star is the third exotic machine gun introduced in Destiny, the other two being Thunderlord and Super Good Advice. It shares the same RoF/Impact archetype as Thunderlord, but deals Solar damage like Super Good Advice. Nemesis Star's perkset consists of the following:

Intrinsic Perk

  • Extinction Cycle: On trigger pull, this weapon's initial burst has a higher rate of fire.

Barrel Options

  • Accurized Ballistics: More range and impact. More recoil.
  • Field Choke: Bonus range and impact. More recoil.
  • Linear Compensator: More predictable recoil. Slight boosts to range and impact. More recoil.

Special Perk

  • Spray and Pray: Increased reload speed when the magazine is empty.

Stat Modifiers

  • Perfect Balance: This weapon has extremely low recoil.
  • Field Scout: Increased ammo capacity.
  • Flared Magwell: Reload this weapon even faster.

Exotic Perk

  • Strange Gravity: When holding down the trigger, range and accuracy increase as rate-of-fire decreases. Kills grant bonus Grenade energy.


  • Meteorite
  • Silver Bullet

Summary: The exotic perk functions like the backwards version of that of Thunderlord, increasing the effective range and reducing bullet spread at the cost of a reduced fire rate. While this may hurt its overall DPS, it allows the gun to function at longer distances than most other machine guns, and the unusually large magazine size combined with high, sustained damage allow it to tear through enemies in record time. The extra grenade energy also proves to be helpful.


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