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The Nadir logo.

Nadir is a weapon foundry of the City.[1] Nadir weapons follow a naming scheme of a scientific term followed by three-letter alpha code (i.e. Impulse ESc).



Little is known about Nadir, and the foundry's origins. The term 'Nadir' is most commonly used in astronavigation to refer to the opposite of the Zenith, which is the highest point in the sky that an object will reach. 'Nadir', then, describes the lowest point in the sky that an object will reach. Both "Nadir" and "Zenith" come to English by way of Latin, and both words are originally from Arabic. With such scant information released about the foundry, it's impossible to know yet whether the word's origin has any significance as to where Nadir originated.

The only written information Destiny has provided players so far about Nadir is the Grimoire card for Nadir's exotic weapon, Nemesis Star, which asks several questions without providing any answers. There may, however, be key clues in the weapon and its Grimoire card. It's opening line, 'What is the answer, when the question is extinction?' Apparently, Nadir's answer was Nemesis Star, a powerful and formidable machine gun. Perhaps the foundry's name refers to the point in humanity's history when they first began making weapons--the post Golden Age Collapse.

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