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Weapon Foundries are the arms manufacturing corporations of the City. The names of most weapon foundries were introduced in the Destiny base game, but they play a much bigger role beginning in The Taken King. At least one new weapon foundry, Veist, is introduced in Destiny 2. Season of the Forge centers around a Golden Age foundry, the Black Armory, and its head Ada-1. Some foundries have been established in the Golden Age (like the aforementioned Black Armory, Daito or MIDA), while others originate from the post-Collapse time.

Each foundry has their own unique style and feel, emphasizing different design philosophies. In Destiny, legendary foundry weapons from Häkke, SUROS, or Omolon can be purchased with randomized perks from Banshee-44 on Armsday. Cassoid, Crux/Lomar, Daito, Field Forged, Nadir, and Tex Mechanica are responsible for producing several exotic weapons. Weapons from different weapon foundries tend to handle slightly different, whether it having different fire modes available on certain weapons, prioritizing different stats, or having certain perks available. See each weapon foundry page for more details. Beginning in The Witch Queen expansion, weapon foundries would have their own Origin Traits attached to its weapon when selected (i.e. Omolon weapons enhance its reload speed and handling as long as they are on the upper half of the total magazine, Cassoid weapon final blows leave behind bolts similar to Telesto bolts, etc.).


According to Commander Zavala, the weapon foundries began from the traditions of tribal scavengers who repaired and restored the ancient technology of the Golden Age. These gunsmiths eventually became the large corporations of the City, but they became a potential threat to the City's common good (likely referring to involvement in the Faction Wars). The City now monitors the size of the weapon foundries, and the surviving foundries continue to use new discoveries to improve the Guardian arsenal.[1]

Some foundries have originated from the Golden Age and survived to this day with some changes. These corporations are often focused on preserving their legacy and implementing it into the modern world; the Black Armory is a fine example of this.


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