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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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"We play by the old rules, the best rules. We play for keeps."
— Company slogan[1].
Tex Mechanica Logo.jpg

Tex Mechanica is a weapon foundry of the City, seemingly specializing in Hand Cannons.[2] Tex Mechanica weapon names are typically evocative of the Wild West. It is one of the the City's oldest weapon foundries, being said to have been around when the city didn't have Walls around its perimeter and towers.


Early City Age[edit]

During the Early City Age Tex Mechanica had the mindset that was widely accepted at the time, survival of the fittest. They made weapons for Guardians to use and would continue for years to come.

Late City Age[edit]

Tex Mechanica has been known to involve themselves in shady business dealings, it's mindset in still of that of the Early ages. They attempted to bribe Lord Shaxx into fixing Crucible matches to make their weapons look good, but Shaxx threatened them with sending a squad of Titans into their factory at the suggestion. To smooth things out, they shipped him free weapons.[3] They also accepted a substantial bribe from the player in return for getting into the next phase of their shotgun contest.[4]



  • The name "Tex Mechanica", as well as the cowskull logo, appear to be nods to the Old West, often associated with revolver usage.


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