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TM-Cogburn Custom Suit


TM-Cogburn Custom Suit




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TM-Cogburn Custom Suit is a Legendary Armor set introduced during Season of the Seraph.[1] It can be acquired as a reward in the Spire of the Watcher Dungeon.

TM-Cogburn Custom Cover[edit]

"Tex Mechanica custom-made armored cover. Headstrong, perfect for a charging bull."
— Cover Description

Ana Bray stands from behind her workshop monitor, followed by her Ghost, Jinju. "The Vex did what?"

Niik peeks over an adjacent monitor.

"The Guardian thwarted their attempt," Osiris responds.

Ana sits back down with a sigh. "Here I thought we only had to deal with one robot."

Osiris raises a finger in protest, "The Vex aren't robo—"

Ana cuts in. "We need to make sure they can't try it again. A while back I found a Pillory bunker. Made sure only Rasputin could access them. Clearly the Sol Divisive didn't get the memo," Ana says, collecting equipment around the workshop. "They'll try again."

Osiris nods, the potential of adventure drawing his lips into a smirk. "Then I'll go—"

"No!" Ana dashes passed Osiris, "It's your night to watch the Colonel. I'll outsource a posse."

Three rugged Guardians crowd a wooden table in the Ether Tank. Ana spots their Tex Mechanica gear in the crowd. She sends Niik through the mingling bustle of Eliksni and Human patronage to order refreshments from the barkeep.

Ana saddles up to the table, slaps her hand down. "Wasn't sure you'd show after our talk."

"No one likes dealing with Vex, Gunslinger," the Awoken Hunter, Earp, grumbles from below the brim of his hat.

Ana smiles and tilts her head. " Which is why I'm paying you for the trouble."

"We accepted before some of us knew we were dealing with robots that delete you from existin'." A leather-robed, Exo Warlock, Moss-2, leans forward, followed by a Ghost hovering close to his head.

"They're not actually robots," Ana grumbles.

"Nonetheless, hazard like that costs extra." Moss-2's eyes blink independently, followed by his Ghost's iris, as if in a sequence.

Ana looks to Earp quizzically, who shrugs, then back to Moss-2. "What is this, a shakedown?"

A grizzled Human Titan at the table, Cogburn, stands. His mountainous frame towers over the seated Guardians. "Moss wants claims to weapons, loot, or patterns we find. Boy's still fresh, grave dirt on his boots. Needs all the help he can get," he booms, then turns to his partners. "Why are we muddying this water, dancing around? Just ask her for it."

Ana laughs, leans back to meet Cogburn's gaze, then stares down Moss-2. "I'm going to assume you shot that offer so high because you're hoping to get something in the middle. Here it goes: you get your normal payment, plus first print of any weapon schematics we find that Tex can fabricate. They'll fit those custom threads."

"Sound good to you, Moss?" Cogburn barks with a gruff chuckle, sitting. "If things get too hot your Ghost can just do it for you."

Niik arrives, distributes drinks, and sits as Ana pulls a free chair next to her.

Ana studies Moss-2 and his Ghost as they silently consider her offer; a cranial implant embedded in Moss-2's skull flashes a light in sequence with his Ghost's iris. "What do you mean by that?"

"I don't have a firm grasp on the Light," Moss-2's illuminated mouth forms a frown. "But No Name does, so we share." The Ghost, settles into his open palm.

"Share what?"

Moss-2 taps the blinking implant on his cranial-plate. "Everything. And we find your offer agreeable."

The party share agreeing glances, then return a simple, silent nod before draining their cups.

TM-Cogburn Custom Gauntlets[edit]

"Tex Mechanica custom-made gauntlets, protecting your most valuable assets."
— Gaunlets Description

Rust-dirt expanse races beneath Ana's jumpship as it soars across the Martian desert. They drop in before the setting sun.

The Ghosts—Jinju, Bo, Naylor, and No Name—stay with the ship, keeping it level as Ana, Cogburn, Earp, and Moss-2 check weapons and leap to the observation deck of the Watcher's Spire.

Grit rasps against their helmets as engine-burn takes the jumpship to a holding pattern.

Rasp settles into eerie stillness, punctuated by exhalation.

The sights of Ana's Polaris Lance find no targets. Earp holsters a polished Vulpecula cannon, looks to Ana, and squints.

She squints back. "What are you thinking?"

"Easy. Odd," Earp grumbles, chewing the words like an acrid root.

Moss-2 peers out over the sand-sunken Complex, eyes independently scanning the ruin. "Nothing moving out there," the Warlock drones, shouldering a beaten Exitus LMG. "Good."

Ana walks past them. "I trust Earp's nose. Let's not count our blessings yet."

Cogburn cracks his Rime-plated knuckles and begins walking forward. "If there IS something to fight up here, I might as well find it now."

"If you start something, just keep it outside, Cogburn." Ana swipes her badge across a wall panel. It juts forward, spews compressed air that kicks up a tuft of orange dust, and slides into the floor revealing an unlit elevator shaft. The wall opposite of her is stamped with white lettering:


"Seen that before?" Earp asks, reaching out and tugging on the frayed lift cabling.

"Yeah. We're in the right spot," Ana confirms.

"Follow you down…"

TM-Cogburn Custom Plate[edit]

"Tex Mechanica custom-made chestplate. Stay standing after any showdown."
— Plate Description

Tex Mechanica custom-made chestplate. Stay standing after any showdown.

Ana swipes her badge at a lone terminal illuminating an abandoned panic room deep within the complex. ___________________________________________________________________________

Welcome to Pillory [TERMINAL 0]. Input query, or select command.


This Terminal is currently in [OVERRIDE CONDITION] following a [REACTOR MELTDOWN] incident, triggering an automatic REDLINE PROTOCOL CHECK.

[EXECUTIVE PARAGON-LEVEL MEMBERS] Pillory system network: core anchor node.

o ACCESS POINT: Pillory-0, "Spire" o In the event of a catastrophic failure, neural degeneration, or loss of containment, herein collectively referred to as a [ROGUE MIND] incident, initiates [A.I. CEREBRAL PARTITIONING] and [QUARANTINE INTEGRATION] into twelve offsite CLOVIS station(s) within [NEURAL WEB-WAY].

REDLINE PROTOCOL: o Check [PURGE] for [!LOCK LOST!].  System reads [Locked] when in use  System reads [No Target] when in standby  IF: [!LOCK LOST!], consult "Containment Failure…", notify AI-Sec. immediately.

o Fire: Test Pillory  Must read [Ready]

o Fire: Initiate Pillory

o Fire: [ECHO] Project, Alert: NavForward-Koranthin-Network  IF: [FAILURE], Activate: [ECHO CONTINGENCY – ARES>KORANTHIN-NETWORK]

o Sever connection to [ECHO LINK] for [REDLINE PROTOCOL QUARANTINE] in the event of a [ROGUE MIND] incident.  IF: [AUGURMIND SELECT] = Compromised and [WARMIND SELECT] = Stable, [CANNIBALIZE]


o [AUGURMIND] Predictive Matrix  Potential Colony Sites  Chronoscopic Analysis  MIND FORK II PROTOTYPE INTERLACING  PROJECT FILE: Ishtar-Joint, Sundaresh  Pillory Protocol Inclusion: Augurmind - CLEARED  Working Agreement – Status: Terminated  Anomalous Report(s), Catalogued - LOCKED

o KORINATH NETWORK ECHO PODS (0/712)  STRONGHOLD(S): C, Q, N, B, F  Caster-7 "Nomad Beacon" Weapons Platform Receiver  Frontier Armament Schematics  [ECHO CONNECTION SEVERED – MANUAL OVERRIDE REQUIRED]

[WARNING: FOREIGN ENTITY DETECTED IN-NETWORK, FIRE AI-SEC EMP PAYLOAD(S) IMMEDIATELY] ___________________________________________________________________________

Ana skims the readout and eyes the warnings of a foreign entity.

"There's still a Sol Divisive signature in the network. It's weak and disconnected, but it's active." Her fingers enter a flurry of commands. "It's grouping dozens of file references for something called the Augurmind."

"The Augurmind looks like a predictive engine directing expansion of extrasolar colonies. Maya Sundaresh made a clairvoyant AI using Vex tech… and the Sol Divisive want it, or want something from it," Ana informs. "I bet we've been left alone because this networked Vex signature hasn't been threatened… but it'll eventually realize it's been cut off and start replicating."

"So, we're in for a fight?" radios Cogburn, his voice lifting.

"Site protocol is to blow the EMPs. So that's what we do," Ana says. "But yeah, probably."

"How does an EMP… affect me?" Moss-2 radios, voice uncertain.

"You'll be fine."

"Great. But we're leaving empty handed?" Moss-2 protests.

"Like hell," Ana retorts, sifting through the console's directory. "I can compress this entire site's data, including these 'Frontier Armaments' schematics into a few engrams within minutes. Then we spin up the EMPs and make sure the Sol Divisive can never use this place again."

Cogburn chuckles over the channel. "There. You can replace that rotten piece of wood you shoot bullets out of."

"Maybe you can finally stop using your fists," quips Moss-2.

Ana cuts in. "Before we start the compression, I'll have to quarantine the Sol Divisive signature… and it is not going to like that."

"Gunslinger." Earp's voice cuts through the chatter. "What do you need from us?"

TM-Cogburn Custom Legguards[edit]

"Tex Mechanica custom-made legguards, to keep you moving under fire."
— Legguards Description

TERMINAL-0 LINK – ACTIVE, flashes across Ana's wrist display.

"It'll be about five minutes from the beginning of the quarantine to the EMP detonation," she says, striding back out onto the Observation Deck. "Jinju, you ready for the transfer uplink?"

Jinju: Whenever you are.

"We'll need to hold the observation deck and keep it clear for Jinju to bring the ship down. Once the EMP starts spinning up… transmats can get a little squirrely. Moss, you, that big gun of yours, and I keep the skies clear. Earp and Cog sweep the deck."

Moss-2 takes a deep breath and racks his machine gun.

Earp pauses from loading cylinders, charge running from his fingertips, to grunt acknowledgement.

"Five minutes shouldn't be a problem," Cogburn states with confidence, his eyes noting points of cover terrain.

"We'll need about 30 seconds to clear the effective range and break atmo… or, you know, we crash. So, account for that." Ana loosens 18 Kelvins in its holster, then unslings Polaris Lance. "Ghosts, I want you calling out contacts from up there. Take away their element of surprise."

Jinju: Will do.

No Name: Moss-2 blinks unevenly. "No Name on overwatch."

Naylor: Keeping an eye on the situation.

Bo: Targets will be marked.

Ana sets into a position and looks to her wrist display. "Here we go."



TM-Cogburn Custom Mark[edit]

"Tex Mechanica custom-made mark, warning vagabonds that you mean business."
— Mark Description

[Earp: T-4:59…] Earp is the first to see the Sol Divisive materializing.

Naylor: Hobgoblins marked. The Sol Divisive belong to the Witness, I hear.

Earp draws and sends shots singing from his Vulpecula through Hobgoblins until expending his cylinder. He takes to the edges of the deck, reloads mid-dodge over a searing line rifle beam, and flicks a Skip grenade into their ranks.

Naylor: More snipers marked. I wonder if their Radiolaria is different from the main Collective.

Jolting Arc breaks the Hobgoblin formation. The remaining Vex pivot their attention to him. Arc amplification surges through Earp, shortening the span between him and his enemies. He hits their formation like a bolt jumping through open receivers, weaving chains of electricity through the outer ring of the deck, dancing between Sol Divisive frames with knife, cannon, and striking bolt.

Naylor: Cogburn is about to die.

Earp covers the distance to Cogburn's attacker in a flash. He slides, rolls between the Minotaur's legs, and delivers a thunderous counter-blow uppercut that leaves the Vex blind open. The Hunter levels his cannon with his target's vulnerable radiolarian globe and fires, leaving a frigid headstone in its place, which Cogburn pulverizes into shards with a backhand.

[Cogburn: T-3:42…] Bo: You have contact, straight ahead.

Cogburn lunges forward as enemies swarm the deck, shattering Goblin after Goblin with Behemoth fists like Stasis-encrusted pistons. He looks over his shoulder to Ana and Moss-2 clipping targets out of the sky, Earp drawing a circuit through the Vex at his flanks—

Bo: Minotaurs, phasing on your left.

Three newly materialized Minotaurs open fire. Cogburn is already in motion and slides under the blasts on Stasis sleet before hurling a Glacial grenade to cover his advance. Stasis crystals encase the closest Minotaur, and Cogburn crashes through it with shattering force, destroying them all.

Bo: Damn fine work. That's why I raised you. You're the closest I could get to a Cabal—Gunfire incoming, right!

Cogburn draws his Barricade through a Dark sieve; a wall of Stasis erupts to his right against the barrage. He dashes through it and into the Vex attackers, wrapped in hoarfrost mimicry and destruction. His fists rain on the Sol Divisive, an avalanche to bury them under the Darkness they claim to serve.

Cogburn stands in a heap of twisted frames; radiolarian pools freeze solid at the lips of his boots.

A shot flies over his shoulder, downing a Harpy. He tracks it to Ana at the southern deck edge.

[Ana Bray: T-1:59…] Ana Bray skewers a fifth Harpy, causing it to combust in a Solar blast that scatters the Vex descending on the Southern deck. She hears Moss's gun running low when a Cyclops phases into being below the deck. Ana flings a Gunpowder bomb high into the air and sparks it with a shot from her rifle, demolishing a dozen Vex with a booming explosion to open a firing window on the Cyclops.

Jinju: Ana! They're targeting the support structures.

As more Cyclopses phase in around her, Ana slings Polaris Lance and thrusts her empty gun hand forward; Solar flame ignites in her palm, forged into a Golden Gun. The heat of her shots leaves a molten trench and pools of simmering Light that drip over the observation deck. Her Golden rounds combust the air and sear holes through the eye of each Cyclops aiming to topple the Spire from under beneath the fireteam.

"How long, Jinju?"

Jinju: Under a minute. Get ready, I'm starting my run.

[Moss-2: T-45] Moss-2 braces his left arm and opens the barrels of his LMG to unleash a deluge of Void into the darkening sky. Harpies take evasive action, but many succumb to the hail of heavy munitions before they can align firing solutions on the Warlock.

No Name: From Moss-2's right hand, an Empowering Rift flows, coaxing a Child of the Old Gods from non-existence into the descending Vex, detonating built-up volatility into a chain of violet consumption.

Moss-2/No Name takes cover to reload, and the Vex rain laser-fire upon them. A host of Minotaurs push his position.

No Name: His right eye juts to the advancing Minotaurs. His right hand snaps toward them, palm open, and discharges a Handheld Supernova that deletes all but one Minotaur. It phases to his backside.

Moss-2 drops his machine gun to draw a sidearm, but the Minotaur is too fast and drives a metallic arm through the Warlock's gut, pinning him to the deck.

Moss gasps. "Take over. Now!"

No Name: Moss-2's body shutters, his eyes sync, then he unleashes a shockwave of Nova Warp erasure, detonating the shield of the Minotaur pinning him and devouring it entirely to stitch his wound. The Warlock rises like a marionette, floating in a violet singularity.

No Name: "Jinju is nearing the deck. Moss-2 will cover the retreat." Moss-2 speaks as Light stiches their wound, eyes moving independently of each other, his voice layered with another, unfamiliar and frying with interference.

[Jinju: T-0:00] Jinju brings the jump-ship down through a screen of laser fire, breaking speed just long enough to stabilize near the observation deck. Ana leaps aboard and lays down covering fire for Cogburn to slide in and shield the ship from harm with glacial walls.

Earp boards with a flourish, hurling an Arcstaff into the sky to stick a Harpy like a lightning rod and clear the air for takeoff. Moss-2 is the last to board, Void volatility flittering off his body as Jinju punches the engines.

The fireteam blasts off toward the safety of the sun, followed by a wave of electrical distortion that leaves the complex dark and littered with fried Sol Divisive frames.



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