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"I thought it was at a safe distance. I was wrong."
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Aphix Invasive
Hezen Corrective
Hezen Protective
Sol Collective
Sol Divisive
Virgo Prohibition


Mobile Foundry
Heavy Infantry

Combat information


VoidS.png Torch Hammer (common)
SolarS.png Slap Rifle (rare)
VoidS.png Vex Laser Rifle (uncommon)


High Durability
Rapid Movement
VoidS.png Absorption Shield
Berserk Mode
KineticS.png Vex Melee


Minotaurs are heavy Vex units and are the main builders of the Vex collective.[1]


Minotaurs are one of the deadliest Vex troops Guardians will encounter due to their explosive weaponry, unpredictable teleportation, and aggressive movements, but aside from combat most of their processing power is devoted to planning and building massive Vex structures suspected to span multiple dimensions.[2] Minotaurs are equipped with Torch Hammers, a devastating heavy weapon that fires projectiles of strange matter and mauls targets with exotic particle decay and deadly radiation.[3]


In combat, Minotaurs are fearless Vex that will always charge their targets while firing their Torch Hammers. They will also teleport erratically while flanking Guardians at different angles, making them a difficult target to pin down. To reinforce their armor, they are also equipped with a Void shield. One important thing to note about Vex Minotaurs is that unlike Vex Goblins and Hobgoblins, they lack an abdominal weak spot and although shooting a Minotaur's head off will disable its teleportation ability as well as its shield, it will only become even more dangerous - going berserk and firing their Torch Hammers in rapid succession while charging Guardians. In this state, they can punch through a Guardian's shield in seconds.[4]

In Destiny 2, Minotaurs now additionally employ the usage of the Vex Laser Rifle, which can melt through Guardian shields in mere seconds, making them even more dangerous than their first iterations. Though they appear more armored, their weak spots are now visible.

Known Minotaurs

Sol Progeny Minotaurs

Hezen Corrective Minotaurs

Hezen Protective Minotaurs

Virgo Prohibition Minotaurs

Aphix Invasive Minotaurs

Sol Divisive Minotaurs

Sol Primeval Minotaurs

Sol Imminent Minotaurs

Proxy Minotaurs

Nightmare Minotaurs

Unknown affiliation

Sol Collective Minotaurs


Notable Variations
  • Descendant Minotaur - Minotaur of the Descendants
  • Gate Lord - Massive Minotaurs that keep Vex realms locked out of time
  • Precursor Minotaur - Minotaur of the Precursors
Common Variants
Specific Variants



  • Alongside the Hive Shrieker and Fallen Shank, Minotaurs were one of the few enemy types in Destiny to lack a critical spot that could be exploited. In Destiny 2 this was changed, however, as they now harbor critical spots which make for easier targets.
  • Minotaurs are the only Vex units who have more than one eye as two more are located on it's shoulders.

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