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Defend the Glass Throne
Defend Mercury and its secrets
Defend the Undying Mind


Primeval Mind
Prevenient Mind
Dendron, Root Mind

At war with:

Red Legion

Allied with:

Aphix Invasive
Hezen Corrective
Hezen Protective
Sol Collective
Sol Divisive


Vault of Glass
Black Garden
Echo Chamber
Altars of Summoning


The Precursors (also known as the Sol Primeval), are a Vex collective spanning from the distant past of the Vex Network, reported to have been first encountered in the Vault of Glass. They can be identified by their silver-white frames and angular headgear.[1]



The exact origins of the Sol Primeval are not known. However it is often believed they came from the ancient past. The Primeval are responsible for the creation of the Undying Mind, an ancient Vex Mind of the Sol Divisive feared by fellow Vex.

The Collapse

When the Black Fleet began its assault on Sol, the Precursors would use this to their advantage. They would terraform Mercury into a Machine World in days, and construct the Infinite Forest, a simulation machine where the Vex can simulate alternate realities that the Vex can plan into our timeline. The algorithm that was used to generate the forest would reside in the Gardener's Spire in the Simulant Past, overseen by Dendron, Root Mind. While the mind of the Forest Panoptes, Infinite Mind, would be responsible for managing and interpreting the simulations into reality. The Sol Primeval also reside in the Glass Throne in the Vault of Glass and the Echo Chamber on Venus.

Fall of the Vault of Glass

Members of the division would later be confronted in the Glass Throne by a six man fireteam led by the Guardian. They would fail to defend the Vault and Atheon, Time's Conflux would be destroyed.

Destruction of the Undying Mind

When the Undying Mind attempted to seal the Black Garden in Darkness once more and recreate the Black Heart, the Vanguard would send a fireteam to stop this. The Precursors would enter the Garden in an attempt to assist their dark creation, despite their efforts they failed and the Undying Mind was destroyed.

Curse of Osiris

Later on Mercury, the Guardian and Sagira entered the Simulant Past to download the forest's algorithm at the Gardener's Spire before the Vex created the Infinite Forest. They would destroy Dendron, Root Mind and begin downloading the algorithm. However the Axis Mind of the Infinite Forest Panoptes arrived, captured Sagira's consciousness and banished the Guardian out of the forest. However the Guardian would succeed, destroying Panoptes, Infinite Mind, and Osiris would regain Sagira. Later the legendary Warlock would ask for the assistance of a fireteam after he recreated and lost control of Dendron, Root Mind.

Season of the Witch

When Eris Morn transformed herself into the Hive God of Vengeance to challenge Xivu Arath, the Guardians would use the Altars of Summoning in the Court of Savathûn to tithe to Eris. They would call forth imprisoned Precursor Vex led by the Prevenient Mind, alongside the Proximate Mind and Prevailing Mind. Despite the Vex's efforts to fend off the Guardians, they would fail and be destroyed, with their deaths being tithed to the Hive God of Vengeance.


According to Ghost analysis, the Precursors had their casings built long before the age of humanity. The assumption is these Vex are the ancestors of those faced today, but due to the flexible nature of the Vex timeline the truth may not be so simple.[2]

Following the death of Dominus Ghaul, they began to gather on Mercury at the Infinite Forest alongside the Descendants, in order to unite under Panoptes, Infinite Mind.[3] These Vex units are largely encountered in the Simulant Past which shows the Vex arriving on Mercury and beginning their conversion of the planet.

Notable members

Unique forces

Harpy variants
Goblin variants
Fanatic variants
  • Precursor Fanatic
Hobgoblin variants
Minotaur variants
Hydra variants
Cyclops variants
Wyvern variants


Sol Primeval

Destiny 2


  • In Destiny, regular Precursors appear as Majors.[4]
  • In the description of The Undying Mind, it is hinted that Precursors created the Axis Mind. This is supported by the Strike of the same name, as you fight Precursors on your mission to destroy the Mind, thus destroying its protectors.

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