The Undying Mind

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"When the Undying Mind is threatened, its ancient creators step through time portals to defend it, ensuring that it will continue to thrive, until the Vex once again control the Black Garden."
— In game description
The Undying Mind
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Sol Divisive
Weavers [1]





Combat Information


The Undying Mind
Vex Offensive: Final Assault


Aeon Maul


Three Shields
Midair Levitation
High Durability
Detonation Melee
Summon Blockage
Blinding Confluxes
Death Blast
Summon Vex


The Undying Mind is a Vex Hydra boss in the strike mission The Undying Mind. It is said to be an ancient Vex Mind, feared even by its fellow Vex, that seeks to revive the Black Heart and seal the Black Garden away from the Guardians once more. The Undying Mind was created by the Precursors and laid dormant in the Black Garden, until the destruction of the Black Heart.[2][3]

In the Season of the Undying, The Undying Mind re-establishes itself in the Vex network after the destruction of the Consecrated Mind and the deactivation of the Sanctified Mind, and directed the Sol Divisive’s invasion of the moon in an effort to seal entry into the Black Garden. In addition, it established itself across thousands of timelines by creating copies of itself. The Mind was considered unreachable until Ikora Rey constructed a modified Vex portal from Vex chassis components, allowing the Guardians to draw the Hydra out of the timelines it established and destroy it once again. However, as multiple copies of the Undying Mind existed in the timeways, the Guardians had to pull every single copy one at a time until all were destroyed. With the destruction of every copy, timeways on Mercury became unstable, prompting the Cabal Red Legion to attempt to change the past and retroactively win the Red War.


"Interesting, undying, huh? What do you suppose they meant by that."
"I'll alert the Speaker. Let's find out.
Cayde-6 and Zavala

The Undying Mind is a unique Hydra in that it has three shields instead of one. When it first spawns, the passage which the player came from will be blocked, ensuring that there is no escape. It also has the ability to "detonate" when a Guardian gets too close, instantly killing them, and can summon endless waves of reinforcements, and while doing so, two vertical confluxes will send out blinding waves of energy to disorient Guardians. It is otherwise functionally identical to Hydras in that it is capable of blasting through a Guardian's shield very quickly with its Aeon Maul.


  • While the Undying Mind's Aeon Maul blasts are orange-colored (Solar) the killcam clearly shows they are the same as ordinary Torch Hammers or Aeon Mauls (Void). This may be a developer oversight.
  • The Undying Mind is the third Axis Mind to return. Sekrion, Nexus Mind and Dendron, Root Mind being first and second respectively.
  • The Undying Mind's appearance in Destiny 2 has been slightly altered, bearing a resemblance to The Templar in D1.
  • Despite the Undying Mind being part of the Sol Divisive, Precursors are seen protecting it in Destiny 1. This may show the desperation of the Vex to keep the Undying Mind active as to bring forth models from other times to protect it.
  • The Undying Mind is one of the few characters in Destiny that the player canonically kills multiple times.


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