HKD-1, Instrument of Xivu Arath

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HKD-1, Instrument of Xivu Arath
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House of Spider (formerly)




Heavy Shank

Combat information


Void Rotary Cannons


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Wrathborn Shield


"Robots may be immune to Xivu Arath's whispers, but their programmers aren't."
— The Crow

HKD-1, Instrument of Xivu Arath is a Fallen Heavy Shank that was corrupted into a Wrathborn by Xivu Arath, God of War.

Following its corruption, the Spider tasked the Guardian with tracking down and destroying the Heavy Shank.


To encounter HKD-1, players must first place a lure at a Cryptolith found in Thieves' Landing.

The lure will attract a Fallen Wrathborn Servitor and after depleting its health, it will abandon the Cryptolith and retreat. Players are then tasked with preventing its escape by locating its lair in Tangled Shore. A quest beacon will pop up and allow them to start the "Track the Wrathborn" activity. Players are recommended to read through the modifiers and be of 1150+ Light level before they begin their hunt.

The activity starts at The Boil and players need to defeat the nearby Fallen before placing the lure by the Cryptolith. The Wrathborn Servitor will re-emerge with its depleted health and defeating it will summon the target.

HKD-1, Instrument of Xivu Arath will spawn with an immunity shield, alongside corrupted Wrathborn Captains. Killing these Captains will allow players to gain the "Wrathful" buff by standing inside the green pool they drop. This buff will enable them to damage boss's shield, as well deal extra damage to it. If players leave the pool or if it dissipates, the buff will last for four seconds before they have to get back in the pool or kill another Captain to spawn a new one. It is recommended that players remain in the pool for as long as possible and use heavy weaponry to counter HKD-1's durability and defeat the Heavy Shank for good.



  • HKD-1 is unique because it is the first corrupted Fallen machine that is not Taken.

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