Security Optic

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Security Optic
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Pilot Servitor





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Security Shielding
High Durability
Summon Security Turret
Summon Fallen
Summon Cabal
Summon Security Servitors


The Security Optic are Pilot Servitors encountered in the Ketchcrash activity. Where they protect the Treasure Hoard they dwell in and are needed to be destroyed in order to progress.


The Security Optic is stationary, affixed to the ceiling near the center of the room. It will move its Eye from side to side, and any Guardian caught in its radius will be slowed and weakened. However, it will not fix itself on one player, and will keep sweeping the area. Initially, it will be protected by an invulnerable shield, which must be deactivated by killing three Security Servitors and hacking the area they were defending. Upon being made vulnerable, it will summon four Security Turrets, 2 next to it and 2 on the ceiling, as well as call many reinforcements. Be aware that, despite looking like a Servitor, the Optic's eye is not a weak spot, nonetheless it is not a very strong enemy should the team have the right Heavy weapons or Supers active for the damage phase. Once it reaches half health, the shield will reactivate and the process must be repeated, though now the turrets will also interfere. Once completly destroyed, its turrets will dematerialize and the encounter will be over.


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