Fused SIVA Offering

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"Used to incite the fury of the Devil Splicers in Archon's Forge. Face a Splicer onslaught led by a Servitor / a Captain / a trio of dregs / a Vandal / a Vandal Shank Master fused with basic SIVA technology."
— Item(s) description

The Fused SIVA Offering is an Uncommon consumable in Rise of Iron. They can be acquired by killing Fallen Devil Splicers across the Plaguelands.

There are five types of Fused SIVA Offerings—Splicer Dreg, Splicer Shank, Splicer Vandal, Splicer Captain, and Splicer Servitor. Each type determines which of these enemies will spawn in the Archon's Forge.

Recommended Light Level: 320.


  • The player can have only one Offering of any rarity at a time.

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