Nightmare of Evoks, the Burned

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Nightmare of Evoks, the Burned
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Arc Chieftain

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Patrol Derelict Leviathan


SolarS.png Scorn Cannon


Summon Nightmares
High Durability
Rapid Movement
ArcS.png Ether Bind
KineticS.png Ultra Smash


The Nightmare of Evoks, the Burned was the Nightmare of a Scorn Arc Chieftain that could appear at the Royal Pools area aboard the Derelict Leviathan.[1]


The Nightmare of Evoks is one of the potential high-value target that can randomly spawn in the Royal Pools area of the Derelict Leviathan.

When a message that reads "A high-value target is nearby," it means there is a chance that the Chieftain is roaming the surrounding area. They will arrive on opposite side to where you enter from the Castellum, so make your way there to see it was the target you were looking for. This Nightmare comes armed with a powerful Scorn Cannon that can fire descending Solar projectiles that explode on impact. It also has the ability to make use of Arc Ether Totems that tether nearby players and pull them in, making them an easier target until they destroy it. Getting to close to the Chieftain will prompt it to use a wide-ranged stomp-attack, knocking back anyone who is caught with its radius.

The Nightmare of Evoks will make its way around the Royal Pools area, whilst summoning lesser Scorn Nightmares for backup as it goes. Killing these enemies will make them drop Unstable Essence, which will allow you to deal extra damage to the boss quicker. If you do not take do not finish off the target fast enough, though, it will depart from the area. If you are successful in defeating the Nightmare before despawns, you will be rewarded with a chest for you to collect loot from. You will also complete one of the requirements for the 'Get to Taking Out Their Commanders, One by One' Triumph, which requires you to eliminate both the Nightmare of Evoks and the other potential target in the Royal Pools: the Nightmare of Ky'leks, the Docked.


  • The Triumph that requires you to kill the two high-value targets in the Royal Pools,'Get to Taking Out Their Commanders, One by One,' is a reference to a quote from Commander Zavala in Destiny that has reached meme status within the community.[2]

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