Arask, the Bully

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Arask, the Bully
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Pirate Hideout: The Bully


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Summon Fallen
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"You may speak as freely as your willingness to take punishment."
— Arask[1]

Arask, the Bully was a Fallen Captain and the leader of a gang of pirates. He and his crew were hired by Eramis, the Shipstealer, to hunt for the relics of Nezarec on behalf of the Witness. He was encountered in the Pirate Hideout: The Bully activity.


Arask was a Pirate Lord of the Old Crews of Eliksni legend, known for ruling over his followers through fear and oppression. However, he and his crew struggled to make ends meet, with dangerously low amounts of Ether remaining, leaving the Captain gloomy and demoralized. This changed when he learned of the return of Eramis, which instilled him with hope and an eagerness to answer her call. He commanded his crew to raise the old flags of their Ketch to "sail once more."[2]

The Pirate Lord would assist the Shipstealer in her search for the artifacts of Nezarec, eventually managing to find and claim one of them. After he brought it to his hideout in the Themis Cluster, Arask briefly celebrated his triumph with his crew before confronting one of his Dregs, who had betted against finding the reliquary. After intimidating his underling into admitting this, the Bully sentenced him to "the blunder booth" as punishment, before his followers carried the shrieking Dreg away.[1]

Before Arask was able to deliver the artifact to Eramis, however, their hideout came under attack from the Guardian, who managed to cut their way through his crew. The Pirate Lord attempted to repel the incursion alongside his remaining forces, but was ultimately slain by the Lightbearer, losing his relic to them too.[3]

Personality and traits[edit]

As his title suggests, Arask is a cruel and tyrannical pirate who leads his crew through fear and intimidation. He keeps his followers oppressed by punishing those that would dare to disrespect or speak out against him. This much is shown when he sentenced one of his Dregs to death for betting on him not finding the relic of Nezarec. Arask also appears to be very cowardly, often fleeing from battle and sending his crew to fight and die for him, whilst only engaging when left with no other option.


Arask appears as the final boss of the Pirate Hideout: The Bully activity. He is located within the 14072 Volterra, an asteroid in the Themis Cluster. After you have infiltrated the hideout and killed enough enemies, the Pirate Lord will send his followers out to attack you from the door at the end of the ice bridge. Make your way across the bridge and into the next room where your target will be waiting for you. Arask comes wielding a Shock Rifle, which fires bursts of Arc projectiles that home in on the player. He also possesses a ability to stomp the ground and send you flying if you get too close.

Upon losing a quarter of his health, the Captain will teleport away to retreat, leaving his underlings to deal with the intruder. Exploder Shanks will also descend from the ceiling to try and swarm you before blowing up. Once you have neutralized the boss's reinforcements, you may pursue him as he retreats further into his lair. When you reach the final arena, more Fallen will arrive to assist the Pirate Lord, as well as Servitors to provide shield protection for them. Arask will call upon more followers as he continues to take damage, but he can be beaten quickly and easily from here. After you are successful in finishing the Captain off, you may claim his relic to complete the mission.


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