Unrelenting Nightmare

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Unrelenting Nightmare
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Ceremonial Bather

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Operation: Midas
Sever - Shame
Sever - Reconciliation
Sever - Rage
Sever - Resolve


SolarS.pngCabal Severi


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The Unrelenting Nightmares are an extremely powerful, Ultra-tier Nightmare of a Cabal Ceremonial Bather that is encountered throughout the Derelict Leviathan.


Operation: Midas[edit]

The Unrelenting Nightmare can first be found in the Operation: Midas Mission. It is located in the lower section of the Derelict Leviathan, below Calus's throne room, prowling up and down a bridge in the middle of the area. The Bather is completely invincible and cannot be wounded by any attacks. Eris Morn will warn the player to keep out of sight, and you will have to sneak past it to get to the other side. You can do this by heading over to the far-left or far-right sides of the room and taking the paths there, or you can hide behind the barriers along the bridge and wait for the Ultra to walk by, before running to your objective. You must destroy the Arc Conduit, which can be shot at through the small crack in the door, in order to fully open it and make your escape. If the Nightmare spots the player at any point, it will rush towards you to slash at you with its Cabal Severus blades, which deal a massive amount of damage and can kill you in, at least, two hits.

Later on in the mission, when you are told to flee Calus's throne room, mutiple Unrelenting Nightmares will appear once again towards the end of the purple, crystalline hallway, to try and stop you from getting away. Like before, it possesses total immunity and cannot be hurt, meaning your only option is to keep running to your ship, where the mission ends.[1]

Sever - Shame / Reconciliation[edit]

The Nightmare appears again in Sever - Shame and Reconciliation. Much like its first encounter, the Nightmare is immune to all damage and cannot be hurt, so the player must avoid the Nightmare. The Nightmare itself spawns in the room immediately following the burner tunnel, and will only spawn in once the initial lever has been lifted when deactivating the lockdown. It will spawn towards the right door of the back room and attempt to lunge towards the player, before it begins following it around the room. [2]

It should be noted that the Nightmare cannot leave the main room, so players will be safe in the tunnel containing the wrench and the generator room, and the Nightmare will not follow them out of the room.

Sever - Rage / Resolve[edit]

The Unrelenting Nightmare appears one final time in Sever - Rage and Resolve. After clearing the previous room of Scorn and Loyalists, the player will drop down into the room below and go right into the next room to make a way through the fans. After interacting with the main console, the Nightmare will spawn in once more, again immune to all damage. Towards the right lays an arc fuse. When shot the door below will open to a back corridor, containing a lever. This will immediately open the incinerator room, where the Nightmare can be lead to, and subsequently trapped and killed by the incinerators. [3]


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