Baurisk, Envoy of Savathûn

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Baurisk, Envoy of Savathûn
Biographical information




Savathûn's Brood




Taken Incendior

Combat information


The Festering Core


SolarS.png Orphic Flame Tank


Summon Taken
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
KineticS.png Searing Step
SolarS.png Umbral Blast
VoidS.png Burn
Immunity Shield
Blight Envelopment


Baurisk, Envoy of Savathûn is the first Taken Incendior encountered by Guardians and is the head of Savathûn's incursion on a Vex supercomputer located within The Endless Gate. It is the final boss of the The Festering Core Strike.


For most of the encounter, Baurisk will run around the arena to avoid concentrated fire and attack on their own accord. The Cabal Magma Launcher they wield, now called Orphic Flame Tank practically stays the same; launching burning projectiles creating small areas of denial. However, instead of a Compression Blast regular Incendiors have, Baurisk will instead launch a large, arcing purple Solar fireball, called an Umbral Blast, which causes explosive damage upon impact and creates a massive area of Void flames. Baurisk, despite their large size, will quickly maneuver around the arena and utilize their thrustpack to leap to higher positions. As an Ultra class enemy, Baurisk will use its Searing Step area melee if anyone is close by, launching their targets away from them whilst dealing massive damage. Apart from Baurisk, adds will spawn occasionally and rifts around the arena will propel any opponent, inconveniencing them with damage and lack of cover. When Baurisk loses a third of their health, they will gain an Immunity Shield and provide some more damage before retreating inside a Blight, which point Taken and Vex reinforcements will arrive and start battling each other. To draw out Baurisk, the Fireteam must neutralize all Vex units in the area. All follows until Baurisk is killed.



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