Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus

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Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus
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Sol Collective
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The Menagerie


Torch Hammer


Summon Vex
High Durability
Temporal Shockwave
Summon Hasapiko's Living Firewall
Wall of Deletion


"I have a serious question for you Guardian... can you dance?"
Emperor Calus

Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus was an extremely powerful Vex Minotaur who served as one of the weekly-rotating final bosses of The Menagerie activity. It was one of Emperor Calus's favorite specimens within his Menagerie aboard the Leviathan, where it lurked in the Royal Theater.[1]


When shielded, Hasapiko behaves like any Ultra Minotaur, where it will lay into Guardians with it's Torch Hammer and summon Vex units to inconvenience the team. Hasapiko will be coated in an immunity shield when in this stance. To neutralize the shield, the Fireteam must keep an eye out for 3 Major Harpies, named Hasapiko's Living Firewall, which will drop a "pool" when killed. Standing in these pools will grant the Disruptor Charge Buff, which allows damage to the shield. With enough firepower, a single "pool" can destroy Hasapiko's shield. Once the shield is destroyed, damage can be done to the boss. However, during this damage phase, Hasapiko will enter a new stance and begin creating Walls of Deletion. Touching these walls will instantly kill a Guardian, so the team will also have to be on their toes, dodging these Walls, while dealing damage to the boss. After about 30 seconds, Hasapiko will regain its shields and reengage the team with its Torch Hammer while harassing the team with adds. As Hasapiko's health reaches certain thresholds, more numerous and resilient adds spawn and, during damage phase, once Hasapiko is at a third of its health, it will deploy 2 Walls of Deletion at once instead of the usual 1. The encounter will end once Hasapiko is killed.



  • Hasapiko is translated from Greek, meaning "The Butcher's Dance."
    • This could be a reference to Hasapiko's Walls of Deletion, which force players to "dance" around the arena to avoid death.

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