Skiffiks, Privateer

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Skiffiks, Privateer
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SolarS.png Molten Welder
ArcS.png Shock Grenades
SolarS.png Trip Mines
ArcS.png Web Mines


Invisibility Tech
Marauder Dash
Activate Splinter Mines
Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
SolarS.png VoidS.png ArcS.png Absorption Shields
KineticS.png Ultra Smash


Skiffiks, Privateer was an extremely powerful Fallen Marauder and the leader of a crew of heavily-armed pirates. They were hired by Eramis, the Shipstealer, to assist her in hunting for the lost relics of Nezarec on behalf of the Witness. They served as one of the final bosses of the now-unavailable Ketchcrash activity.[1]


Skiffiks is the third of the three weekly-rotating privateer bosses that appear in the Ketchcrash activity. After you have boarded the enemy Ketch and completed the first randomized encounter, you and your Fireteam will proceed to the Captain's Quarters, where the boss will be waiting for you. When you arrive at the quarters, the guards will begin firing at you almost immediately, while the Marauder will briefly linger at the throne before departing via teleportation. Players will then be required to move on to the next encounter.

Once you have finished the second encounter, you must head up to the bridge of the ship. Interact with the terminal to commence the final confrontation, and Skiffiks will appear on the deck outside, before teleporting up to the crow's nest. The shield barrier will then lower and the battle will begin. The walkway leading onto the deck will be rigged with several Trip Mines, and large numbers of Fallen enemies will arrive to assist their leader. Three Skiffs will also be present at the right, left and far sides of the arena to provide extra fire support. Skiffiks come wielding a miniature but powerful Molten Welder, which they can fire rapidly and bombard their targets with Solar volleys. They are also equipped with Web Mines and Shock Grenades, which they will toss at players who are further away. Getting too close will cause them to perform a stomp attack that will launch the player into the air and cause significant damage, if caught in its radius.

The Marauder is protected by an Absorption Shield, which will alternate between various different elements throughout the course of the fight, although the order of which is completely random. These shields are highly resistant against weapons and abilities that do not match their element, so it is recommended that you equip gear and Abilities that each possesses different damage types. After the boss has sustained enough damage, they will regenerate their defences and warp down to the deck, giving them room to scurry about and quickly change position. Once Skiffiks's health has been drained by a third, they will activate stealth and teleport onto the furthest Skiff. At the same time, a Splinter Mine will spawn on the deck, and another one a few seconds later. Both of these bombs will have a timer of thirty seconds and must be disarmed before they run out. If this does happen, the ensuing explosion will immediately wipe out the entire Fireteam. Another set of Trip Mines will spawn around the deck, as well as Brigs on top of the nearby Skiffs to shell the nearby area and make it more difficult to disarm the bombs. Whether you manage to dismantle them or not, the Marauder will once again descend onto the deck—now having changed their shield element—in order to rejoin the battle.

The second phase will play out a lot like the first: Skiffiks will engage in direct combat and regenerate their shield after taking heavy damage, teleporting to another part of the deck. They will again use stealth tech and teleport to a Skiff upon losing another third of their health, with more Brigs and Trip Mines appearing to hinder your team's progress with the new bombs. This time, however, a third Splinter Mine will spawn into the arena. Once you have succeeded—or failed—in deactivating the bombs, the boss will return for the final phase with their readjusted shield. When they are down to their last bit of health, they will warp to the upper area of the deck and regenerate their defences one last time, before they can finally be finished off. Once the Privateer has been put down, the mission will be over, and your Loot will waiting for you inside the chest that spawns.

When fighting the boss on Master difficulty, two Champions—either Overload Captains and/or Barrier Servitors—will spawn at two different intervals of the encounter: first after Skiffiks's health has decreased by both over a fifth, and again after going under a full half.



  • Skiffiks's name is a play on the "skiff," which is a light rowing or sculling boat, typically for one person; as well as the dropships used by the Fallen.

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