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Dead Ghosts are a collectible item found throughout Destiny. Finding and activating Dead Ghosts will increase one's Grimoire score and unlock secret Ghost Fragment Grimoire cards. Ghosts can sometimes be hidden away in unlikely places, but can still be identified by their glowing blue light.[1]

The Tower[edit]

The following Dead Ghosts can be found in the Tower:

  • Tower NorthThe Speaker's room, on a small table.
  • Tower Watch—near the Post Office, up on a rafter, sitting on a bunch of crates.
  • Hall of the Guardians—to the right of the entrance to the main room on a stack of crates.
  • Traveler's Walk—on the railing in the back, towards the right.[1]

Old Russia[edit]

  • The Breach—where you pick up your first weapon. Near the broken ceiling lamp, a Ghost is hidden in the ceiling.
  • The Breach—in the room closest to The Divide, a Ghost is beneath one of the raised platforms, across from the exit.
  • The Divide—inside what appears to be a large piece of pipe near the path to The Rocketyard.
  • The Blast—near the Devil Walker in the Strike mission there is a building with a staircase to a small room, left from Walker's spawn spot. Dead Ghost is inside on a table.
  • The Divide—on top of a billboard near a loot chest on top of a small building. The building is the one used in the scouting mission in the area.
  • The Steppes—on the path to the Mothyards in a bush by two circular steel doors in the drainage ditch.
  • The Steppes—inside the shed nearest to the crashed ship.
  • Mothyards—inside a cave on the right side that can only be accessed by jumping from an airplane wing. In the cave, it is on the left side.
  • On the path between the Mothyards and the Forgotten Shore, there is a cave next to the waterfall. The Ghost is hidden in a crevice inside the cave.
  • Lunar Complex—inside the first dark room. The Ghost is on top of one of the servers.
  • Skywatch—lying on a table inside of an easily missable room that can be entered through a wall that has been blasted away, guarded by a high-level Hive Knight or an Ogre. It can be accessed by following a hidden path to the right of a fence near a crashed helicopter.
  • Forgotten Shore—inside the ship nearest to the second Fallen transmitter.
  • Bunker RAS-2—at the bottom of the staircase, turn around to find the Ghost beneath the stairs.
  • Terrestrial Complex—in the entrance closest to the Forgotten Shore, look for a group of lockers. The Ghost is inside.
  • Refinery—in the alcove across from the entrance to the Grottos, a Ghost is sitting on a table.
  • The Grottos—in the outdoor area facing the Forgotten shore, there is a drainage pipe near the coastline. The Ghost is in front of it.
  • Seraphim Vault—at the far end of the corridor filled with Thralls and Knights. Continue past the staircase to a bunch of crates. The Ghost is behind them.
  • Seraphim Vault—go into the final room and look beneath the console in the back of the room. The Ghost is hiding behind the pipes.
  • Seraphim Vault—the Ghost is at the very top of the structure in the middle of the room. To climb up, hop onto one of the struts in the center of the room. Hop from there onto one of the hanging cables, and finally, hop onto the central structure.
  • Gateway—close to the entrance leading inside the wall. Turn left and jump up into the rafters, as the Ghost is on the ledge overlooking the road.
  • King's Watch—about halfway into the area there is a second floor room that can only be accessed by jumping up. Inside is a Ghost in one of the corners.
  • In the same area, in the command room, a second Ghost is found high up above the hologram display. This Ghost can only be picked up while in midair, so jump from a nearby vantage point and grab it while still jumping.
  • King's Watch—in another room only accessible by jumping. This room is a small windowed room above a short stairwell.
  • The Mine—just before the first door within the mine, jump onto the rocks on the left to find a Ghost hiding in the corner.

The Moon[edit]

  • Archer's Line—at the far end leading to Anchor of Light, go to the base of the broken accelerator. The Dead Ghost is high up on the support column.
  • In the same area, go to the building with the broken dome. Nearby are some barriers and a large chasm; the Ghost is down in the chasm on a ledge.
  • Anchor of Light—near the top of the building with the large antenna. Follow the ramps to the top, then carefully climb up the rafters in the middle.
  • Hall of Wisdom—past the chandelier, on a rocky outcrop on the left.
  • Circle of Bones—on the far left side you will see a screened off area. Jump on top of the screen and follow it until you can reach another ledge with the Ghost on it.
  • The Gatehouse—where the open ledge is on your left, look down to see a Ghost on one of the struts.
  • Temple of Crota—this Dead Ghost is automatically picked up at the end of The Dark Beyond.
  • Hellmouth—in the Fallen complex hidden in the area, in the main building (the building also has a set of Helium Coils) there is a Dead Ghost on one of the consoles.
  • Temple of Crota—in the cavern with the seeder ship, climb up the rocks to find it on a higher platform.
  • Chamber of Night—this part of the room for the next three Ghosts can only be accessed in The Wakening. Go into the darkened hallway; once you pass the darkness, there will be a stairway on your left. Climb up and look behind one of the pillars on your left.
  • Chamber of Night—in the large room with multiple boulders in the middle, climb the rock formation on the right. Go to the top to find the Ghost.
  • Chamber of Night—continue until you reach a hallway with a large orange-striped pillar. Turn left, jump on top of the doorway to your left, then jump onto the ledge across from the doorway to find the Ghost.
  • The Stills—go to the sixth abyssal lamp and turn right. Be careful not to fall of the edge, as the Ghost is on a strut near the edge.
  • The Stills—near the very end past the bridge, as you head towards the light, the Ghost is on the very last pillar on the left. It can be very hard to see due to the blinding light, but if you turn around you can dampen the light effect. Just be sure to not walk backwards into the next area.
  • Oversoul Throne—go upstairs to your left. Inside the first chamber you enter, a Ghost is resting on one of the wires above you.

Ishtar Sink[edit]

  • Headlands—in the third shallow pool on your left, behind a stalagmite.
  • The Shattered Coast—in a wrecked car near the first structure a player takes their Ghost to in the first Venus story mission.
  • Ishtar Cliffs—along the canyon wall on the left, near the entrance to the Shattered Coast. It will be near the tall tree.
  • Ishtar Commons—in a small alcove in a wall.
  • Ishtar Commons—on top of the awning on the building to the left.
  • Hall of Whispers—inside the branches of a tree. Jump to it from the balcony.
  • Endless Steps—look for a white vertical beam of light. Climb up the nearby blocks, and the Ghost will be at the top.
  • Ember Caves—look for a shallow pool of water with a cave nearby. Go into the cave to find the Ghost.
  • Winter's Lair—go into the large room full of Fallen. Head up the pathway on the left, and you'll find a dark cave. The Ghost is inside.
  • Waking Ruins—climb up to the entrance to the Vault of Glass. Turn around and face the broken warp gate slightly to your left. The Ghost is on top of the pillar near the gate.
  • Campus 9—climb on top of the orange building, then onto the large blocks above you.The Ghost is on a ledge across from this position.
  • N/GEN Branch—in the area you have to kill the three High Servitors during the Strike mission The Nexus, on the top level on a terminal near the door to the next area.
  • Dig Site 4—in the first area you find the Vex during The Nexus Strike, near the door to go down the stairs there's a little room to the side. The Ghost is inside the room sitting in a sink.
  • The Terminus—there are three Ghosts here.
    • The first is directly behind the lift you arrive on, on a pedestal.
    • The second is just past the jumping puzzle, jump up to the level above you and then follow the edge around the right.
    • The last is in the final area of the terminus (near where the warp gates are); before entering the area proper, jump up onto the blocks of the near right corner, and the Ghost is in the back.

Meridian Bay[edit]

  • The Barrens—inside the same dome-shaped building that houses a mission beacon.
  • Scablands—behind the Cabal base in the area to the left (away from the path to the Rubicon) and on top of part of the base in a corner.
  • Firebase Rubicon—immediately head left to find a hidden canyon. At the end of the canyon is a dead tree. The Ghost is on the other side of the tree.
  • The Iron Line—look for the blue pipes in the back of the room and climb up, then climb onto the ledge above it. Jump over to narrow platform above the floodlights, then climb up to the rocky ledge near the top to find the Ghost.
  • The Legion's Keep—go inside the underground structure surrounding the Vex spire. Inside is the Ghost.
  • Giant's Pass—go up the dirt path on the right leading above the bunkers, where the dead tree is. The Ghost is hidden in the tree roots.
  • Valley of the Kings—follow the trail until it reaches a three-way fork. Take the middle trail, or the one slightly left of the warp gate, and follow it near a rock. Go left and find the Ghost on the ledge.
  • Valley of the Kings—at the top of the smallest outpost (the one you visit at the end of Exclusion Zone), then jump onto the rocks on the canyon wall. Drop down to a lower ledge to find the Ghost.
  • Trenchworks—on the rock formation on the canyon wall between the outpost and where the Goliath Tank appears, climb up to the top. The Ghost is hidden inside a nook in the formation.
  • The Drift—coming from the Scablands, there are two dead trees nearby. The Ghost is in one of the tree's branches.
  • The Buried City—climb onto the entrance to the metro station by jumping on top of a nearby wall. At the top, look behind the sign to find the Ghost.
  • Freehold Station—go into the first dark room. In the middle are some groups of overhead TVs. The Ghost is on top of one of these screens; use one of the nearby walls to get on top.
  • Tharsis Junction—go to the abandoned trains. There is a doorway on the right; head through to find the Ghost.
  • The Hollows—go inside the Clovis Bray building, climb on top of the floodlight, then climb onto the catwalk above you. The Ghost is on the catwalk.
  • Dust Palace—enter the room with the large windows. Climb the staircase to the top, then climb on top of the crates. Jump to the ledge along the wall with the windows, the Ghost is nearby.
  • Overwatch—enter the room before the exoscience lab, and veer left. Go to the corner of the room, then turn around to find the Ghost underneath the desk.
  • The Black Garden—upon first arriving, scale the rocks to the left, jump onto the mossy rocks, and then jump to the ledge with the ghost on it.
  • The Black Garden—upon reaching the first outdoor area at the top of the stairs, follow the edge of the cliff until it dips down. Drop down to the ledge below to find the Ghost.
  • The Black Garden—in the first area upon arriving, turn around and stand in the circular doorway behind you. Face forward and slightly to the left, and start climbing the rocks in front of you to reach the Ghost.
  • The Black Garden—upon reaching the first outdoor area at the top of the stairs, turn right and walk until you reach a purple slanted column on the right. climb onto on of the nearby blocks, and then jump onto a ledge onto the column itself. Inside a hole is the Ghost.

Vestian Outpost[edit]

  • On the roof of Variks' hut. Climb the nearby crates, or more daringly, the railing to get on top.
  • On a scaffold hanging between the walkway intersection where Brother Vance is found Don't jump, just walk between the railing and you'll drop down.
  • On the far right corner, above ground level. Climb up the debris on the right side and follow the contour of the wall to reach it.


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