Tharsis Junction

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Tharsis Junction
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Enemy factions:

Virgo Prohibition
Blind Legion
Siege Dancers

Connecting areas:

Freehold Station

Area type:


Public Events:


Patrol beacons:



Tharsis Junction is a location in Meridian Bay, Mars.


Tharsis Junction can be divided into two sections, mostly due to the activity by the enemy. The first section has two lines of trains dividing it in half and ends by a doorway and gate. When entering Tharsis Junction from Freehold Station, the player must descend some stairs, leading them onto Platform 1 (as made known by the writing on several dividers). A few Vex barricades and crates are scattered throughout both platforms, as well as the on the rails, and a sizable number of Cabal patrol here. On Platform 2, a Vex gate lays dormant and behind it is a room that contains a Golden Chest.

The second section has several crates, trains, barricades, and Vex gates scattered throughout it's length. At the end of the train tunnels is another station of sorts and has a squad of Cabal Legionaries led by a Centurion fighting against a force of Vex Goblins led by a Minotaur. There isn't anything of note in the station, and there isn't anywhere to go except back. It's the end of the line.


Tharsis Junction is also the final area in the Story Mission A Rising Tide, and alters what is encountered. At both sections Vex are encountered and the Gates are active. At the end is a conflux which must be scanned in order for the story mission to end. It also features in the Warlock subclass quest A Spark in Shadow, where the boss is Vekron, the Conductive Mind.


  • Tharsis is the name of a vast volcanic plateau centered near the equator in the western hemisphere of Mars
  • A Golden Chest is found here, in the backroom, behind the fence and hidden from view by crates.
  • A dead ghost can be found beside one of the half buried train cars.

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