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August 17, 2015

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"Hey dude thanks for help earlier on Wolf Rebellion. Have A LOT of stuff..."
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"Good job with that troll. What an asshole. "
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" This dude is brilliant. "
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"Little video in newly created trivia section. Watch it. Very informative. "
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"Also thought of changing "Stone", to "Storm" or "World". I just think it..."
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"Thanks for liking my edits. I have a couple ideas too. A new Cabal Legio..."
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"Your welcome. When I first read it I was like wtf? I've wiped those guys..."
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"I'll take care of any minor stuff, you did good. 🎉👍"
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Favorite Destiny moment

Beating the Vault of Glass for the first time....and only getting Chatterwhite.

Worst Destiny moment

Deleting my first ever exotic, Bad Juju in year one after grinding TOO. MANY. STRIKES.

Anything else

I Consider the Vex to be the coolest enemies. I make an active effort not to kill Servitors. I am the bane of numerous enemy Factions in the game. The fallen house of winter particularly as I have stolen their name for my own benefit. Though I have genocided the Hive a thousand times over, they refuse to run away from me. Their courage is almost commendable.

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No problem, and wow. That's awesome. Old characters returning.


I find his size comparisons for the Cabal ships to be strange when compared to the concept art of Cabal carrier and Cabal warship, but otherwise it is awesome.


That video you linked led me to source the reddit post the video-maker mentions. that's just insane; the Dreadnaught is the largest ship in science fiction. Wow.


Hey Winter, I noticed you requested help in the Dreadnaught page. What do you need sourced?