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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Fallen Walker
Production information




Spider Tank

Technical specifications

Other system(s):

Shock Emission
Shank Deployer


Heavily Armored


Laser Cannon
Missile Pod
Nose Repeater
Shock Grenades





Heavy Assault
Drilling Vehicle
Area Defense


House of Devils
Devil Splicers
House of Dusk
House of Exile
House of Winter
House of Wolves
Scorn raiders
The Spider's Crime Syndicate


The Fallen Walker is a robotic tank used by the Fallen. It is a powerful enemy that typically appears in Strikes and large-scale Public Events.[1]


Usually deployed during low-altitude drops from Fallen Skiffs[2], the Fallen Walker is equipped with an impressive and varied arsenal that allows it to efficiently deal with just about any type of threat. Mounted under the command pod is an Arc chin-mounted machine gun that is capable of cutting down swaths of personnel in seconds without pause. On its back is its main weapon: a swivel-mounted Solar cannon that fires high-velocity, high-explosive rounds powerful enough to eliminate clusters of enemies, and it can even down a Guardian in a single shot. Mounted on the side of its main gun is a missile pod capable of launching a small salvo of high-velocity Arc missiles. Lastly, the Walker can emit a powerful Arc pulse to knockback any enemies that get too close to it or to provide cover for itself when recovering from being knocked down. For additional protection and support, the Walker can deploy Shanks and/or bouncing mines.[3]


In addition to its devastating weaponry, the Fallen Walker is protected by thick armor plating that is highly resistant to small arms fire, explosives and even Guardian abilities. While battling the Walker, it is highly advisable for Guardians to spread themselves out, use environmental cover and stay mobile to take advantage of its slow movement and targeting speed and minimize the damage it can do. Guardians should also keep an eye out for the laser sight as it will indicate where the main cannon is targeting and allow Guardians a chance to evade the incoming blast. It is also advised to avoid getting close to the Walker at all times as it is capable of emitting an Arc pulse that can damage and knock Guardians back a substantial distance.

Although the body of the Walker is heavily armored, the plating on the leg segments is noticeably weaker and will break off after receiving enough sustained fire. Once the armor has been broken off a leg, or if the body sustains enough damage, it will be disabled temporarily and expose its true weak spot, an orange core inside of its head.. After a few seconds, the Walker will emit an Arc blast and return to normal. It is also worth noting that once a leg has been exposed, it will now take substantially less damage and should be ignored. While not technically a weak spot, the missile pod on the side of the main gun can also be shot off with enough sustained fire, thus limiting the Walker's overall firepower.



Public Events[edit]



End-Game Activities[edit]


Special Missions[edit]


A Noble Devil Walker.


  • Before the reveal of its name at the E3 2013 Destiny Gameplay Demo, the Fallen Walker was known as the Spider Tank.
  • Like it's SIVA counterpart, the Fallen Walker's secondary weapon that's attached next the main weapon can be shot off if it took too much damage, making the fight several times easier.
  • Barring Shanks and Dregs, Fallen Walker are the only enemy type to not get a Taken version.


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