Anchor of Light

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Anchor of Light
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Enemy factions:

Hidden Swarm
House of Exile (formerly)
House of Dusk
Sol Divisive

Connecting areas:

Archer's Line
Temple of Crota
Sanctuary (Destiny 2)
K1 Communion


Area type:


Public Events:

Defeat the Fallen Walker
Defend the Warsat
Eliminate the Target

Patrol beacons:


The Moonbase is a mystery. The life spark of humanity has long gone out. It's now overrun by moon dust, meteors, and ghosts. What happened here?

The Anchor of Light (referred to as Moonbase during development) is a now abandoned human outpost on the moon. It is located near the Hellmouth. Established during the Golden Age, the tower acted as a relay station between Earth and the rest of the colonial effort throughout the Solar System. [1] Now, the fringe Fallen House of Exile involve the decayed installation as a Ketch landing site.

Two years after the Red War, the House of Dusk occupied the Anchor and have crashed the Traitor's Ketch nearby to construct a new base on the moon. The Anchor of Light by then had decayed to the point it was nearly unrecognizable, now decorated with Dusk banners and sometimes minor skirmishes between the Fallen and the Sol Divisive.

Points of interest[edit]

The comms tower is the base's main focal point. The tower's height makes it a good vantage point for Guardians.[1] [2]


  • The idea for the Moonbase was one of the earliest in the development of Destiny, in circulation by 2009. It is meant to be familiar in nature, reminiscent of the International Space Station, but also exotic as per its proximity to the Hellmouth.[1]


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