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Synthweave is a type of currency in Destiny 2, introduced in Season of the Splicer as a part of the Armor Synthesis system. According to Ada-1, synthweave is programmable matter more sophisticated than Glimmer and developed by the Clovis Bray corporation. It can be used at the Loom to unlock collected Armor pieces as Ornaments.[1]


Synthweave was first conceived during the late Golden Age from studies of polyphasic material made from the K1 Anomaly, providing insight for Häkke Heavy Industries to develop a new fabrication process utilizing the metamaterial for their weapons development; namely the creation of Revision Zero using the same polyphasic material of the K1 artifact. However, the development of synthweave would be reclassified as Braytech corporate property as per their contract with Häkke with any new material innovations or developments brought about through experimentation or analysis of the K1 artifact.[2]

Centuries later, schematics of a matter programming prototype for synthweave would resurface from Braytech archive data extracted by Fallen from the House of Salvation, whose forces occupied Bray Exoscience on Europa and later suffered defections to the House of Light. Ada-1 of the Black Armory (who would look for leads to rebuild the Lost Forges following the Arrival of the Black Fleet) would take interest in synthweave after House of Light scribe Eido encourage her to take the Armory in a new direction and shared the schematic data with the Exo.[3] While the data was incomplete, Ada-1 had Guardians retrieve the remaining research data from the BrayTech facility and recover a key component for her to complete development of the Loom. While the synthweave produced by the prototype would not provide combat effectiveness, it gave new possibilities for Ada-1 to test and a new beginning for the Black Armory.[4] One of those possibilities included the creation of the Hunter gauntlets Renewal Grasps.[5]


Synthweave acts as a requisite material to synthesize armor ornaments. A player may earn up to ten Synthweave per class over the course of a single season. Synthweave earned is class-specific and nontransferable.

Material Acquisition[edit]

In-game, players must earn Synthstrand from defeating enemy combatants to purchase Armor Synthesis Bounties (this has since been replaced with Glimmer after Season of the Lost). Completing the respective bounty earns 100 Synthcord of the player's character class which can then be spend at the Loom to create one Synthweave. Synthweave Templates have no inventory cap and are class agnostic but are only available for purchase at the Eververse for Silver; sold at rates of 300 Silver for one Template and 1000 Silver for five Templates.


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