Stark Baffler

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Stark Baffler
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NLS Drive







"Sleek and confounding."
— Jumpship Description

Stark Baffler is an Exotic Jumpship introduced in Forsaken. It has no source listed in the API.


Seyphine Delrig, Captain

I'll tell you the strangest thing we ever saw. This was in my first year commanding the ship. We had to race to a battle just at the edge of the Reef. And of course the Reef itself is made up of an almost impossibly large sort of "coral," the amassing of countless Golden Age ships. Anyway, we were in the middle of battle when I saw the letter I spelled out by a bunch of ships. At first I wasn't even sure it was on purpose. But when the battle was over, we kept our cameras trained on this one set of ships as we traveled just so they remained together in our view. And soon we saw that there were more letters, miles long. An H before the I. And soon the rest: the words TELL THEM WE SAID HI. Spelled out in dead ships, arranged just so that you could only see them from the right angle. It's just so… odd. And obviously human. And whoever did it had a sense of humor. But we never did learn who.

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